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Top 12 Intj Forum Quotes

#1. Any system of government will work when everything is going well. It's the system that functions in the pinches that survive

John F. Kennedy

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#2. We feel that animals have the same rights as retarded human nchild because they are equal mentally in terms of dependence on others.

Alex Pacheco

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#3. I love music so much. I've got something going all the time. I've gotta be singing. I've gotta be creating music, or I'm not happy.

Ashley Monroe

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#4. A hero's love is as delicate as a maiden's.

Henry David Thoreau

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#5. History is the revelation of Providence.

Lajos Kossuth

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#6. But Henry was pretty irritating himself, with his steadfast way of remaining naive, as though life were just what a Sears catalogue told you it was: everyone standing around smiling.

Elizabeth Strout

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#7. Let us be brave in the face of adversity.

Seneca The Elder

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#8. When you're wearing something on your head, you feel beautiful.

Philip Treacy

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#9. The drama can only be brought to its climax in one of two ways
through the selective brutality of terrorism or the impartial horrors of war.

Kenneth Kaunda

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#10. It is expensive to give plays subtitles, especially for a short run, so most new dramas rarely cross the transcontinental bridge.

Katori Hall

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#11. If you live in L.A. long enough, you get into having a cool car.

Art Alexakis

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#12. In recent years, breweries and brew pubs have flourished across the Nation. And, as the Representative from Oregon's fourth district, I have enjoyed seeing the diversity that craft brewery has fueled across the Nation.

Peter DeFazio

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