Top 10 Instinctly Quotes

#1. There is no substitute for skill. It is the priceless possession of every great artist in every field of endeavor. It is instinctly felt by an audience and is reflected in the superiority of his work

Paul LePaul

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#2. If I'm not writing about myself, then I sit down with people I really dig writing with and throw 'em out and see if something sticks. Their brain plus mine hopefully will make something interesting and cool and it will just snowball and we'll have a unique song by the end of it.

Kacey Musgraves

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#3. I completed medical school at Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1984.

Samuel Wilson

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#4. I want to turn my life into sad adventure and myths.

J. Limbu

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#5. And therefor," said Magnus "We must go." Will blinked at him. "Go where?" "Don't worry about that right now, my love." Will blinked again. "Pardon?

Cassandra Clare

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#6. If you want to consume the cream of Christ's philosophy, then don't read the Bible, read Tolstoy.

Abhijit Naskar

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#7. Violence doesn't solve anything? World War I. World War II. Star Wars. Every Super Bowl. Who says violence doesn't solve anything?

Drew Carey

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#8. The snake who tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit was not the Devil, but her own instinctive nature saying, Honor your hunger and feed yourself.

Terry Tempest Williams

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#9. I need it all: in-depth characterization, fantastic/warped world building, a plot that could out-race Secretariat, and a 'voice.' I need to hear a uniqueness in the author's voice.

Rob Thurman

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#10. Envy, slothful vice,
Never makes its way in lofty characters,
But, like the skulking viper, creeps and crawls
Close to the ground.


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