Top 10 Indlucing Quotes

#1. I'm a big believer in anesthesia. I think it should be used for every medical procedure, indlucing routine physicals.

Dave Barry

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#2. A father is someone who can't get on the phone, in the bathroom or out of debt.

John Walter Bratton

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#3. The right thing at the wrong time is never the right thing.

Patti Callahan Henry

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#4. I may not be perfect, but God knows I'm trying ... and God knowing should count for something.

Karen E. Quinones Miller

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#5. I love New York. I love the people. I love the anonymity.

Teri Polo

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#6. Ninety-five per cent of films are born of frustration, of self despair, of ambition for survival, for money, for fattening bank accounts. Five per cent, maybe less, are made because a man has an idea, an idea which he must express.

Samuel Fuller

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#7. One day I'll sneak a few drops of rat poison into that seed you love so much.

Eve Yohalem

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#8. Style is a very personal thing and women should develop their own individual look.

Cat Deeley

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#9. O.K., helplessness is repugnant to me, as a father, as a piece of protoplasm. My parents were activists. I don't believe you can't do anything.

Marshall Brickman

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#10. I will do everything in my power to ensure that our United Nations can live up to its name, and be truly united; so that we can live up to the hopes that so many people around the world place in this institution, which is unique in the annals of human history.

Ban Ki-moon

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