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#1. The Age of Technology has rusted. - Author: Walter Tevis
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#2. It takes me forever to actually finish something like a ten-page essay. But, when I do, I usually love what they are. It's a complicated relationship. - Author: Chris Abani
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#3. Thirteen is hard. You don't know who you are yet. Who your real friends are. Who you can trust. You don't yet know what you are capable of. - Author: Jessica Brody
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#4. There are worlds of possibility inherent in our consciousness that can facilitate our own transformation. What future have you imagined for yourself? - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#5. The cause is hidden, but the result is known.
[Lat., Causa latet: vis est notissima.] - Author: Ovid
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#6. That's the new way - with computers, computers, computers. That's the way we can have the cell survive and get some new information in high resolution. We started about five years ago and, today, I think we have reached the target. - Author: Lennart Nilsson
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#7. Some people harbor the idea or belief that all teachers should teach for free. Obviously these people have never been teachers, particularly in the twentieth century. Teaching meditation is a very expensive hobby. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#8. Historically, filmmakers always fall in love with every frame, but now that even neophytes are given final cut, this love affair carries with it serious economic implications. - Author: Peter Bart
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#9. People love to help. I don't have to be insecure and know it all. - Author: Chip Wilson
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#10. I love you, Dallas. I just couldn't do a damn thing about it until now. - Author: Kate Stewart
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#11. He whom we call a gentleman is no longer the man of Nature. - Author: Denis Diderot
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#12. I state in my book 'Become Your Own Matchmaker,' confidence is the key to any endeavor. Women don't realize that when they do things they love and are passionate about - their confidence soars. Men are attracted to women who feel happy and decisive about life. - Author: Patti Stanger
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