Top 7 Im As Keen As Sayings

#1. You dont know what you do, everytime you walk into the room
I'm afraid to move.

Ryan Cabrera

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#2. Kiss my ass."

"If you'd like me to start there.

Stacey Marie Brown

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#3. That your own interpretation of a work of art is flagrantly subjective seems to be regarded as an arrogant attitude. But the truer view is that the interpretative artist can only make his own comment upon the work.

Tyrone Guthrie

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#4. Rose is undistractable, indefatigable, a problem solver.
Work is her essence, her animating spirit, and the core of her impact on me. Her dedication to it helps make my life possible, connects the two of us in this powerful way.

Jon Katz

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#5. Im more keen on the person Im involved with showing me his commitment rather than going through a marriage to display commitment to the world.

Greta Scacchi

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#6. Ability is noting without opportunity

Napoleon Bonaparte

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#7. I have no riches in life, but only family who loves me.

Alon Calinao Dy

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