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#1. People know the facts of a story just as well as the people on TV do, and they have more platforms to hold the media accountable when they don't get it right. We are a world full of media experts. That's a great thing. - Author: Willie Geist
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#2. Like any kind of writing, there are good days and frustrating days. But even frustrating days can be rewarding sometimes. - Author: Ethan Coen
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#3. I could deny it if I liked. I could deny anything if I liked. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#4. Of Ickworth's boys, their father's joys,
There is but one a bad one;
The tenth is he, the parson's fee,
And indeed he is a sad one.
No love of fame, no sense of shame,
And a bad heart, let me tell ye:
Without, all brass; within, all ass,
And the puppy's name is Felly. - Author: Horace Walpole
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#5. You can't control everything. You can't control how someone feels about you. Or what makes them tick. You can only control how you react, how you act, how you think and feel. - Author: Maya Banks
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#6. Don't just reach for the stars, pluck one out of the sky. - Author: Marissa Carmel
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#7. I disconnected as a sleepy Seth stepped out of the bedroom. "Who's Dante? Was that a collect call to the Inferno?"
"They won't accept the charges," I murmured. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#8. You have to calendar time for yourself even if you have no idea what you're going to do with it. - Author: Susie Bright
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#9. Don't you know what it means to be crazy? - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#10. I think the country has had enough Bushes. - Author: Barbara Bush
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