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#1. And just what do these words of punches and feints write down? The story of my family. - Author: Davide Enia
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#2. I can't just open myself up the way some people can. And down here, you're raised a certain way. You're taught to keep some things private, family matters especially. It's just the way it's done."

"Everyone worships the past but no one really wants to talk about it. - Author: Cathy Holton
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#3. The best part of being married is that now when we walk down the street, people won't just see two guys and a kid, they'll have to see a FAMILY. - Author: Patricia A. Gozemba
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#4. When I usually go to my studio to work, I start with something that is going to take two minutes just to put some idea down and the next thing I know, ten hours have gone by and my family is screaming at me because they want me to come up to have dinner with them. - Author: Geddy Lee
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#5. If you asked me which gives me more joy, my work or my family, there is no question that it's my family. Hands down. If I had to give one up, it wouldn't even be a contest. - Author: Emily Oster
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#6. I had a house burn down once, and everything in life burned, except my family, and it was so liberating. I didn't have a bad moment about it. It sort of reinvigorated my interest in a lot of things. - Author: Sean Penn
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#7. I spend most of my time at the ranch with my family, and enjoy life - watch the sun come up, watch it go down, thank God for another day, and just be happy. - Author: Marcus Luttrell
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#8. I'm a big believer in creating family traditions. Every Tuesday morning, I make a proper eggs breakfast, and we all sit down and eat. - Author: Ivanka Trump
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#9. I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. - Author: Tiger Woods
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#10. In any case I would cut myself a path to the throne even if some bastard-born herder had fathered me on a gutter-whore - genealogy can work for me or I can cut down the family tree and make a battering ram. Either way is good. - Author: Mark Lawrence
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#11. He held up his hand, and in it was ...
Oh, God.
The neon-pink vibrator, glowing in the dark now. It was following her, stalking her, all the way down the yellow brick road to hell. - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#12. But somehow, every time there's a natural disaster, news crews manage to track down one of these outdoorsy yahoos to interview about how the "twister came a-screamin' down the holler" and destroyed the snake farm his family had been running for generations. - Author: Molly Harper
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#13. I think family mealtime is really important. There's a lot of research that shows kids are going to do better in school and have more self-esteem if you can all sit down and eat together. - Author: Jewel
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#14. I was being flirted with for 'Modern Family,' which my wife still hasn't let me live down, but it's one of those things where that show is so brilliant because the casting couldn't be any more perfect. It wouldn't have been right for me, and I wouldn't have been right for it. - Author: Josh Gad
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#15. Because I didn't have brothers, I was always interested in the kids down the street that had four brothers in their family, so I became one of them - but it was not my family. I've always been attracted to temporary families. They tend to be lost characters. - Author: Gus Van Sant
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#16. The Claudians," I observed, "are a family of insane hereditary criminals. - Author: John Maddox Roberts
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#17. Passed down from generation to generation, storytelling was an art in my family. - Author: David Mixner
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#18. As my heart begins to return to normal, I look down at -- and feel such an intense rush of love and relief it takes my breath away. "I will never let you put of my sight again," I promise -- - Author: Camilla Way
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#19. I want to apologize to all of the people I have let down because of my behavior which has reflected badly on my family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others. - Author: Kate Moss
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#20. Something like another wave of despair crashes into me. "I'm so heavy." I blink and a tear slides down my cheek.
"Then you lean on us for a while. Let us carry you, Joy, until you're not heavy anymore. That's what family is. - Author: Jolene Perry
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#21. I think in this world and this industry, if you let it, it does. And I feel that the people who don't have good friends and family around them are the ones who get a little funny. But I'm very lucky. I have good friends and good family and if I ever stepped out of line, my mom would take me down! - Author: Jeremy Irvine
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#22. What I did, you know, being away from my family, letting so many people down. I let myself down, not being out on the football field, being in a prison bed, in a prison bunk, writing letters home, you know. That wasn't my life. - Author: Michael Vick
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#23. Compassion can be put into practice if one recognizes the fact that every human being is a member of humanity and the human family regardless of differences in religion, culture, color and creed. Deep down there is no difference. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#24. Fine." Patrick muttered without confidence. "Anything is better than waiting around here." "Time for a little family reunion." Johnny remarked. At the agreement, the four trekked the rest of the way down the empty alley. As he passed the final building Patrick peered - Author: Brendan Walsh
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#25. Miz Ellen, what do you carry in that handbag of yours that has enough wallop to knock down a full-grown man? - Dan Landry - Author: Jane Rainwater
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#26. Winner: Getting up more times than life knocks you down - Author: Kat Kaelin
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#27. It seems that England's royal family is running out of money. They are down to just $1.6 million. Well sure, that's what happens when nobody in your family has had a job for the last thousand years. - Author: Jay Leno
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#28. If you walk down the street and see someone in a box, you have a choice. That person is either the other and you're fearful of them, or that person is an extension of your family. And that makes you at home in that world and not fearful. So really it's very self-serving. - Author: Susan Sarandon
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#29. People should watch out for three things: avoid a major addiction, don't get so deeply into debt that it controls your life, and don't start a family before you're ready to settle down. - Author: James Taylor
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#30. My last trip to New Orleans was for the fifth anniversary of Katrina, and I had the awesome opportunity to bring my family down. We all worked on a house together and met some of the families. - Author: AnnaLynne McCord
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#31. Nowadays, there's a lot more that comes before music, that I need to take care of before I can sit down and play, and be a contributing member of a band or society. I have to take care of myself and my recovery, and then my family, and then my music. - Author: Patty Schemel
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#32. I went through this delayed-adolescence thing. I didn't want to be tied down to a family. - Author: Randy Quaid
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#33. It's so easy to focus on the anguish and the misery; it's harder, somehow, to acknowledge the positive, maybe for fear of jinxing it, bringing the nightmare back down on our heads. - Author: Harriet Brown
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#34. Where I come from, family's defined as those who don't screw you over a paycheck. Blood makes no difference. If you can trust them with your life and know that they'll be there come whatever hell rains down, then they're your family. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#35. My family was made of good people who did good things with what they were given. What fairness does life show in a time like this? But life is not fair and that is nothing new, so I bottled the pain and loss, and released them through a single tear rolling down my cheek. - Author: B.M. Tolbert
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#36. The family is the first economy. If the family breaks down, well, government gets bigger because of the consequences of family breakdown. We see in the neighborhoods where there are no marriages and there are no two-parent families. - Author: Rick Santorum
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#37. My dad's side of the family had lots of artists and musicians. There's an emotional, quite sentimental quality to Slavic culture. It's very open, it loves art, it loves music, it loves literature. It's very warm, it's very up, it's very down. I would celebrate that. - Author: Nick Clegg
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#38. I came running down the stairs that morning, like it was Christmas. My parents were already up. In my family, presents never waited; they were there upon waking. Our family has a problem with what they called delayed gratification. We want what we want when we want it, and we always want it now. - Author: Neal Shusterman
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#39. In my experience, the biggest reason people struggle to get where they want to be is guilt. Guilt that they have let someone down, and also guilt that they are about to leave someone they love ...behind. - Author: Bethany Brookbank
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#40. Pack is for comfort when you hurt, I thought, putting my head back down. And for the first time in a long time, maybe the first time ever, I appreciated being a part of one. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#41. I've made a dozen films in the English language. But then, for love, for my family and friends, I returned to Europe ... I annoyingly - looking back - turned down films like 007, 'For Your Eyes Only,' written specially for me. - Author: Ornella Muti
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#42. Sometimes in life, you fall down holes you can't climb out of by yourself. That's what friends and family are for-to help. They can't help, however, unless you let them know you're down there. - Author: Meg Cabot
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#43. Because deep down you know that someone needs to keep you out of trouble. - Author: Mike L. Hopper
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#44. Unless you are rich, and can con vales center in a sanatorium estate (where visitors came down a tiered, oceanside lawn to found you ato your easel) you have to keep going when you're depressed. That means phone calls, appointments errands, holidays, family, friends, and colleagues. - Author: Virginia Heffernan
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