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#1. If you pray enough for things, I am proof that they can happen. I feel like a kid on Christmas day now, every day. It's something I have wanted for a long time and I am as happy as anyone to be here. It is great to be back at my first love. - Author: Robbie Fowler
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#2. As long as I am given the opportunity to keep performing and keep exploring in whatever medium, I'll be happy. As long as I get to spend time with my family, I'll be happy. As long as I can write in some form, I'll be happy. It is the essential things like that I equate with happiness. - Author: Dan Stevens
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#3. I'm glad that my journey has been gradual and slow, instead of instant, because that allowed me to grow and discover who I am before I was thrown into the world. I'm happy I didn't start acting professionally as a kid/teen; looking back, I don't think I was ready. - Author: Jade Hassoune
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#4. It's funny because being comedic and happy and lighthearted is who I am as a person, so they're easier emotions for me to connect with. - Author: Lindsay Lohan
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#5. As the days grow short, some faces grow long. But not mine. Every autumn, when the wind turns cold and darkness comes early, I am suddenly happy. It's time to start making soup again. - Author: Leslie Newman
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#6. For me, I am still very happy to be able to do stage design as it's an opportunity to express the extreme. - Author: Christian Lacroix
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#7. She will reveal herself as a submissive to a stunned and suddenly perplexed world, announcing for all to hear, This is who and what I am. I am a submissive. I am happy and fulfilled in my relationship as a submissive. You loved and respected me ten minutes ago ... What do you think of me now? - Author: Michael Makai
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#8. Am I being typecast as a horrible person? I don't know. I don't think so. But if it happens, I'd rather get to play that, because there's nothing fun about being sweet. Sweet can be so boring, so I'd be happy staying away from that. - Author: January Jones
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#9. As for me, I am unfortunate enough not to posses a happy temperament like Najdorf, who views every happening in a rosy light and avoids any possibility of self-criticism. I am one of those unlucky skeptics who never overlook the dark side of even the happiest experience. - Author: Savielly Tartakower
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#10. Take care! I don't care. Don't you worry about me! I am as happy now as I have ever been, and that is saying a great deal. But the time has come. I am being swept off my feet at last - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#11. Okay, I am happy with the way I look, but I have never, never, ever thought of myself as a 'pretty girl.' Honestly. When I read some of these scripts I'm sent, and they describe the heroine as 'incredibly beautiful,' I wonder why they sent it to me. - Author: Anna Kendrick
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#12. How many women have the courage to start properly with a cold, cold bath early in the morning? I jump in, throw the water, cold as ice, and after the first plunge I am happy. - Author: Anna Held
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#13. I am as light as a feather, I am as happy as an angel, I am as merry as a schoolboy. I am as giddy as a drunken man. A merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to all the world! Hallo here! Whoop! Hallo! - Author: Charles Dickens
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#14. I am personally happy for artists to make as much money as they can while they can to carry them through the times when they can't. - Author: Michael Craig-Martin
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#15. Really, as long as I am working and have diversity, I am happy. - Author: Adam Brody
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#16. Happy as a clam, is what my mother says for happy. I am happy as a clam: hard-shelled, firmly closed. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#17. I feel I am lucky. I am grateful for this life that God has given me. I am happy, as I am getting to do work that I want to do and enjoy doing it. - Author: Sonam Kapoor
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#18. I have lived as plain Mr. Jinnah and I hope to die as plain Mr. Jinnah. I am very much averse to any title or honours and I will be more than happy if there was no prefix to my name. - Author: Muhammad Ali Jinnah
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#19. If you could know how happy I am, as Jesus' little spouse. No one ... could I envy, because I am enjoying my complete happiness, even when I suffer something for my beloved Spouse. - Author: Brian Kolodiejchuk
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#20. We are very happy to have Sachin as the Mumbai Indians Icon. I am sure the youngsters in the team will be delighted to have him around for guidance, and so would be the Mumbai Indians fans. - Author: Nita Ambani
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#21. I am living through days as happy as those God keeps for his chosen people; and whatever becomes of me, I can never say that I have not tasted the purest joys of life. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#22. But no matter for that, you can be tolerably happy, perhaps, notwithstanding; but as for guessing how happy I am, or knowing anything about the matter,
O! its quite beyond what you can understand. - Author: Ann Radcliffe
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#23. There are a couple of teachers I have had without whose influence I would not be as happy with who I am. - Author: Mackenzie Astin
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#24. Madrid is not as big as London, but it is true when you are coming from a big city like Madrid, nothing is going to surprise you, and I am very happy to move to a city like London. It is a big city, and you can do everything you want with the respect that the English people always have. - Author: Fernando Torres
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#25. I, as a cricketer, would like to see 100 counties playing top-flight cricket, just like tennis and football. If I am alive to see that, I will be very happy. - Author: Kapil Dev
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#26. I am very fulfilled in my home life, and what films do for me is to create an ironclad structure that, in my life as a mom, does not exist. It is a shapeless blob of happy chaos ... - Author: Julia Roberts
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#27. Best of all, as happy as Chip Gaines was, he seemed happiest around me.

I'm a generally happy person. My mom says I was a happy baby. But it's a fact--I was always happiest around Jo. And I still am. - Author: Joanna Gaines
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#28. As long as I am still interested and curious, I enjoy getting up in the morning, but I can't say I have a happy smile on my face 24/7. - Author: Harriet Walter
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#29. I am still being recognized as Joanie and probably will as long as Happy Days is playing on TV and remembered by Happy Days fans. It has and will always be a pleasure and a honor for me to be a part of it. - Author: Erin Moran
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#30. I love Google. I was there for 13 years, and if you told me I'd be as happy anywhere else, I would've probably doubted it. But I am as happy, if not happier, at Yahoo. - Author: Marissa Mayer
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#31. This moment, this one position in time, was the happiest I will ever be as long as I am living. I have since felt it was too happy, that men are not meant to have access to this kind of satisfaction; certainly it has tempered every moment of happiness I have experienced since. - Author: Patrick DeWitt
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#32. How to extract its honey from the flower of the world. That is my everyday business. I am as busy as a bee about it. I ramble over fields on that errand and am never so happy as when I feel myself heavy with honey and wax. I am like a bee searching the livelong day for the sweets of nature. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#33. As the son of an immigrant family, I am happy to be a guest in U.S, which was largely built by such families. - Author: Pope Francis
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#34. I am happy to note that the BJP as an organization is looking to creatively harness Power of Social Media. We have to ensure our Youth stays engaged in our Democratic process. We have to make our Democratic process accessible to them. Social media is an important tool for this. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#35. No matter what I choose to become, I believe I can change the world. And as I am striving to change the world, I will be happy. - Author: Sam Berns
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#36. I'm as happy doing 'Postman Pat' as I am doing 'Hamlet.' - Author: David Tennant
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#37. I am happy to be able to be part of this Rock'n'Blues Fest as the first tour since the amputation of my right leg. I hope this gives me a leg up on the new year! - Author: Leslie West
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#38. If I am able to carry on modeling, I'll be very happy to, but my passion is definitely in music and acting. I would love to do what Meryl Streep is doing. Her or Judi Dench, or maybe Charlize Theron as well. - Author: Cara Delevingne
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#39. Who doesn't? I cry and smile every day. I grew up scared, because I was so skinny and had no boobs. It's only now that I just think, Sod it! Everyone's different. I'm contented and happy as I am. - Author: Kaya Scodelario
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#40. I am happy. I skated well. This is a competition and sometimes things don't go as you'd like them to. - Author: Irina Slutskaya
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#41. I found it very easy to transform into creeps and weirdos and losers and goof-balls, and I'm happy to play eccentric kinds of characters, and I have a great affinity for the outsider, but I definitely am about expanding my range as well. - Author: Rainn Wilson
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#42. I am happy to have now as Danny finally a more difficult role, in which I can shoot and fight. - Author: James MacArthur
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#43. Oh," said the count, "I only know two things which destroy the appetite, - grief - and as I am happy to see you very cheerful, it is not that - and love. Now after what you told me this morning of your heart, I may believe" - - Author: Alexandre Dumas
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#44. It's a whole other ball game and I am glad that I fit into that space where, whatever it is that you want to do and you are doing as long as you are happy with it, then you know What the Heck! - Author: Bootsy Collins
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#45. While I am flattered about the speculation of being enticed out of retirement, I'm happy with life as a bad golfer! - Author: Chipper Jones
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#46. In intimate conversation I am as supportive and positive as the next man, but gatherings of happy people make me miserable. I long to share in the collective joy, but instead I am racked with anxiety. - Author: Joel Derfner
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#47. As a city, Chicago really affords me an environment that I am really happy creating in. It's an easy place to live in a lot of ways; it's a great community to be making music in. - Author: Jason Molina
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#48. I am happy as happiness goes, for a woman who has so many memories and who lives the lonely life of an actress. - Author: Lillie Langtry
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#49. The midsummer sun shines but dim, The fields strive in vain to look gay; But when I am happy in Him December's as pleasant as May. - Author: John Newton
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#50. Silence is the perfectest herald of joy: I were but little happy, if I could say how much. Lady, as you are mine, I am yours: I give away myself for
you and dote upon the exchange. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#51. When I am at my work each day
In the fields so fresh and green
I often think of riches and the way things might have been
But believe me when I tell you when I get home each day
I'm as happy as a sandboy with my wee cup of tay - Author: Patrick McCabe
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#52. Playing Sheldon is just heaven for me. I realize how enormously lucky I am to play a role that makes me so incredibly happy. As I told Chuck Lorre in a Christmas card a few years ago, I'm living a version of the dream. - Author: Jim Parsons
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#53. When I do a film that has nothing to do with Kurt Weill, then I am happy, I am on my own. But in a Kurt Weill work I am as nervous as a cat. A burden falls on my shoulders. I feel a crushing responsibility. - Author: Lotte Lenya
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#54. I've been trying to come to terms with what I am and what I do and what I believe in. And I see that I'm not happy with - well, it's almost as if being a poet is not enough for me. It's too late for me to do more now. I did what I could in a small way. I did it as theater, too, to be honest. - Author: Gerald Stern
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#55. I can't leave the studio until everything is as it should be. And I can't put a record out unless I am completely happy with it. I never want to be at a signing and hear my album playing and think, 'Oh no, I could have done that top note better.' - Author: Katherine Jenkins
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#56. I'm not rich as Bill Gates neither I'm famous as Tom Cruise, But trust me I am happier than all of them. - Author: Rishabh Surya
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#57. I sometimes wish I weren't as logical as I am and I wish I weren't as smart as I am, because I'd be happy. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#58. When I am not paying attention to my children, they appear to desperately need it. When I am giving them my full attention, they seem just as happy to play by themselves. It is as though they need to be certain of my attention in order to play their own games and ignore me. - Author: Sarah Ruhl
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#59. As an atheist, I was predisposed to not enjoy the MAZE performance. I am happy to report the opposite - Author: Luke Jermay
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#60. I often wonder if I am entitled to be as happy as I am, given the amount of suffering in the world. - Author: Dennis Prager
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#61. There are probably writers who are much more visual than I am and some who are less. I like to think of myself as a happy medium. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
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#62. I have great respect for Jaypee Greens as a company that has produced a truly world class, 24-carat, championship golf course. I am happy to be associated with a company with such outstanding qualities. - Author: Kapil Dev
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#63. I am alone, as I have always been; abandoned not by men, that would not pain me, but by the happy spirits of joy who in countless hosts encircled me, who met everywhere with their kind, pointed everywhere to an opportunity. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#64. Radio is a wonderful medium, but the clock is very unforgiving, and the discussion of this matter included in the interview as originally recorded had to be cut to fit the allotted time. I am happy to provide this elaboration to correct the record. - Author: Jack Miles
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#65. There is no kind of music I don't listen to. Everything good is interesting. I am as happy with a Bach fugue as I am with a record by Thelonious Monk. - Author: Maira Kalman
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#66. In the country It seems as if every tree Said to me 'Holy! Holy!' Who can ever express The ecstasy of the woods! Almighty One, In the woods I am blessed. Happy every one in the woods. Every tree speaks through Thee. O God! What glory in the woodland. - Author: Ludwig Van Beethoven
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#67. I am the most well-adjusted human being I know. I started out this investigation as a very happy man with a great career. I've got the life people dream about: I am rich, I am famous, I've got a fabulous marriage to an absolutely, spell-bindingly brilliant woman. - Author: James Ellroy
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#68. And, though my faith be broken,
And, though my heart be broken,
Here is a ring, as token
That I am happy now! - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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#69. But there is an overarching passion that keeps me alive. That is love, understood as a condition in which I can be an inspiration, make someone feel happy and special, and in turn, feel understood and driven. I function better if I am in that condition of love, and I try to cultivate that daily. - Author: Giovanni Frazzetto
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#70. I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy as long as I can paint. - Author: Frida Kahlo
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#71. I intend to live as a happy man, though I am not quite ready to live as one, which means I'm not quite ready to die; whatever it is, I'm working on it, trust me - Author: Glen Phillips
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#72. I really liked doing a number of the projects and directors, and etc., etc., I knew about half-way through that I would never be doing that again. It's just not me. I really am happy as a part-time film composer, not a full-time film composer. - Author: Danny Elfman
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#73. I want you to be as happy as I am."
"Trust me, that wouldn't be the case if I found myself shackled to Xav Benedict by a quirk of fate. - Author: Joss Stirling
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#74. And what's the point of changing when I'm happy as I am? - Author: Paul McCartney
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#75. I am light as a feather, I am as happy as an angel, I am as merry as a schoolboy - Author: Charles Dickens
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#76. You could say, in a vulgar Freudian way, that I am the unhappy child who escapes into books. Even as a child, I was most happy being alone. This has not changed. - Author: Slavoj Zizek
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#77. I think of myself as somebody who, in a moment-to-moment way, I'm quite happy. But I think I am a bit doubtful and wary of true happiness, and, like a lot of my friends, there's been a good degree of self-sabotage. - Author: Patrick DeWitt
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#78. Charlie dear, it is I who have to be proud of you. And I am very, very proud of you. You have called me pretty; and as long as I am pretty in your eyes, I am happy. You, dear old Charlie, are not handsome, but you are good, which is far more noble. - Author: George Grossmith
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#79. I was as happy doing theater in New York for little or no money as I am now doing television for more money. The happiness, I guess, comes out of it being a good job. The success has to do with the fact that it's a good job that will continue. - Author: David Hyde Pierce
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#80. I've never been as happy as I am now, because I followed the signs, I was patient, and I know that this is going to change everything. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#81. There are always going to be times when it doesn't flow as much as you were hoping. So of course I'm going to fail. And when I do fail I hope I fail better and better, again and again. I am happy to fail. - Author: Joseph Fiennes
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#82. I am definitely as happy as I've ever been. Happier, I would say, than I've ever been. - Author: Cynthia Nixon
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#83. I am perfectly happy to compromise whether it's with Democrats or anybody else, as long as we're reducing the size of government. - Author: Ted Cruz
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#84. When I first came into the business, I had to, for the sake of being able to sell myself as an artist, always be happy and jovial and smiling. I was the happy nice girl, and I am the happy nice girl, but I have my moments, too. - Author: Kelly Price
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#85. As happy as I am off the floor, on the floor I am the opposite. I don't take any crap. - Author: Gilbert Arenas
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#86. As long as I can get angry then I play well. If I play well I can beat everybody. I am happy because I am getting angry. - Author: Ilie Nastase
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#87. As I get older, the things that I want are starting to make more sense. Being able to travel makes me happy, and I am a person that lives in the moment. I also want to live a good life. Traveling makes everyday issues seem so much smaller and really changes my perspective on things. - Author: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
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#88. I'm the kind of person who wants the people around me to be comfortable, to laugh, and to have a fabulous time - I want them to be as happy as I am. - Author: Angie Harmon
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#89. What a happy woman I am, living in a garden, with books, babies, birds and flowers, and plenty of leisure to enjoy them. Sometimes I feel as if I were blest above all my fellows in being able to find happiness so easily. - Author: Rosamunde Pilcher
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#90. As it's your 50th birthday
The very best of cheers to you
Truthfully, I'm just being selfish
Coz now I am so cheerful, too
Happy, Cheerful Birthday - Author: John Walter Bratton
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#91. Isn't it a lovely ball?" She looked around at the sea of lace and tulle and silk, the blaze of lights, the laughter and the music and the sway and swirl of movement. "I wish everyone could be as happy as I am. - Author: Anne Perry
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#92. As far as more recognition goes, I am happy with the amount of love and respect I have received from other artists and the public. Of course, I would love more, and think I deserve it. - Author: Suzi Quatro
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#93. If you are as happy, my dear sir, on entering this house as I am in leaving it and returning home, you are the happiest man in this country. - Author: James Buchanan
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#94. He brewed his tea in a blue china pot, poured it into a chipped white cup with forget-me-nots on the handle, and dropped in a dollop of honey and cream. He sat by the window, cup in hand, watching the first snow fall. "I am," he sighed deeply, "contented as a clam. I am a most happy man. - Author: Ethel Pochocki
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#95. I am able to talk about my life in a way that helps other women - and men, but mostly women - understand their own life. I feel real proud of that. And then the fact that my children are okay. You know, you're only as happy as your least happy child. So if your kids aren't okay, you're not good. - Author: Jane Fonda
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#96. I am an expert in the world of the supremely happy because I am happy. I've never met anybody as happy as I am - that, in itself, should make you unhappy. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#97. How happy I am to see myself as imperfect and to be in need of God's mercy. - Author: Therese Of Lisieux
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#98. I have to say that I have no regrets about my decision to become a priest or about the major directions my ministry has taken me ... I have been and am happy as a priest, and I have never been lonely ... I could have used a bit more solitude. - Author: Andrew Greeley
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#99. And then here I am back down, right beside the stone, my body rumpled, happy, crumpled as if it had just made love. Sun. Voices from above. I-330's smile. - Author: Yevgeny Zamyatin
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#100. We're all not exactly the same person online that we are in real life. I am not as happy as my Instagram makes me look. We are all heightening the positives and downplaying the negatives. - Author: Kim Stolz
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