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#1. Our lifestyle, language, attitudes, and manner of dress reflect on His name. He leads us in paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Unless you are honestly convinced that the thing in question will bring glory to God, then don't do it. - Author: Curtis Hutson
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#2. The truth is, poverty's the environment for alcoholism, and the reservations aren't rich. Maybe cleaning people up in fiction is just as dangerous as presenting them unfiltered. - Author: Stephen Graham Jones
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#3. Whatever campaign Uriel is running against Raffe, it's getting a major boost in the polls. Raffe and I are like a demonic campaign poster on legs. I worry about what will happen to him, how he'll - Author: Susan Ee
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#4. I was very thrilled to witness the workby my ol' buddy Jim Widner whose expertise in the field of jazz education proved invaluable in putting this masterful CD (Yesterdays & Today) together. - Author: Clark Terry
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#5. The digital realm give cartoons and cartoonists more possibilities for exposure. - Author: Robert Mankoff
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#6. The only alternative to soul winning is disobedience to Christ. - Author: Curtis Hutson
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#7. When you give away a little piece of your heart, you're giving away the only thing you can give away, which, after you do, you got more left than you had before you gave some of it away. - Author: Don Hutson
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#8. If we do not live where we work and when we work we are wasting our lives and our work too. - Author: Wendell Berry
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#9. Maybe anosognosia, the inability to see your own disability, is the human condition and I'm the only one who doesn't suffer from it. - Author: Karen Joy Fowler
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#10. In any matter where we have questions, we have a right to ask the Holy Spirit to lead us and to expect His gentle guiding. - Author: Curtis Hutson
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#11. When the believer is faced with a decision regarding a questionable matter, he should never proceed unless he has complete peace about it. If there is nothing wrong with it, then God is able to give complete peace. - Author: Curtis Hutson
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#12. My corpse doesn't need a diamond throne. - Author: Kenya Wright
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#13. The noise made Kim want to cover her ears, reminding her, as it did, of diarhoettic excretion. - Author: Shaun Hutson
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#14. Jim Rohn's perspective on personal development is simply unparalleled. His books and appearances have touched the lives of untold thousands, and I am pleased to include him among my most admired friends. - Author: Don Hutson
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#15. And despite the lateness of the hour rushed to her set of encyclopaedias. - Author: Dinah Lampitt
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#16. Faith and repentance are the same; they are not two separate decisions. One cannot trust Christ as Savior without repenting or changing his mind. The very fact that he trusts Christ for salvation shows that he has changed his mind regarding sin, salvation, and God. - Author: Curtis Hutson
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#17. Eastlake High makes Buffy's hellmouth look like a crack in the sidewalk. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#18. When praying for the Lord's will about something questionable, don't give up if you don't receive clear leading after one prayer; just keep on praying until God makes it clear. - Author: Curtis Hutson
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#19. I love to see my records broken, I really do, you get a chance to relive your life, the whole experience. - Author: Don Hutson
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#20. Alex understood such discipline. He knew the rarity of it, and the cost. And on the rare occasions when he happened to touch her, he did wonder what else she might have been, if she had not been so determined to be typical. - Author: Meredith Duran
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#21. It brings a smile to my face every time I look in the record book and see my name with the likes of Hutson and Lance Alworth and Raymond Berry, some of the fabled receivers of the NFL. It's all like a dream to me. I can't believe it's true. - Author: Steve Largent
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#22. The peoples of the United States of Northern America, and those of the Union of Soviet Capitalist Russian Republics, continue to assist by taking every opportunity to fire at the comet with hand-guns. - Author: Ian Hutson
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#23. Celebrity is a word I take great umbrage with. I'm actively anti-celebrity. - Author: Nicolas Cage
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#24. The world comes to us in an endless stream of puzzle pieces that we would like to think all fit together somehow, but that in fact never do. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
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#25. In spinning a robe of your own righteousness, before the sun goes down you will find it all unraveled. - Author: Curtis Hutson
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#26. No one will ever go to Hell who has put his trust in Jesus Christ, but many will end up in torment who have trusted their own righteousness and reformation. - Author: Curtis Hutson
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#27. Want and belief in lack shrink your opportunities. - Author: Bryant McGill
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#28. For every pass I caught in a game, I caught a thousand in practice. - Author: Don Hutson
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#29. If turning from your sins means to stop sinning, then people can only be saved if they stop sinning. And it is unlikely that anyone has ever been saved, since we don't know anyone who has ever stopped sinning. - Author: Curtis Hutson
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#30. When the honest, sincere Christian is faced with the decision regarding whether a thing is right or wrong, he should ask, does it agree with all that the Scripture has to say on the subject? - Author: Curtis Hutson
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#31. Grant me, O Lord my God, a mind to know you, a heart to seek you, wisdom to find you, conduct pleasing to you, faithful perseverance in waiting for you, and a hope of finally embracing you. Amen. - Author: Thomas Aquinas
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#32. They were heading I judged for the Sixth Precinct. Had I had the black hat with me, and sufficient men and horses and lariats and .30-30s, and popular support from the masses and a workable revolutionary ideology and/or a viable myth pattern, I would have rescued them. - Author: Donald Barthelme
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