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#1. I welcomed the organization of the Anti-slavery Society. - Author: Gerrit Smith
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#2. For some musicians it becomes self-reflexive to think, "I have to write some of my kind of songs now." - Author: Alan Licht
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#3. I'm the sexiest when I'm happy because it brings out a lot of confidence. - Author: Trina
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#4. Sometimes you find your path, sometimes it finds you. - Author: Max Brooks
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#5. From time to time, the Vienna Philharmonic could play without a conductor because they are so good. - Author: Bernard Arnault
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#6. Humility can weep over other men's weaknesses, and joy and rejoice over their graces. - Author: Thomas Brooks
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#7. From Adam's day until now men everywhere have tried to find their own way to meet God's standard of holiness. Has anyone been successful? No! - Author: Dr. J. Otis Yoder
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#8. The struggle within Turkey that continues to this day is the legacy of Kemal Ataturk's radical reformation, - Author: Eric Bogosian
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#9. In Bach, the vital cells of music are united as the world is in God. - Author: Gustav Mahler
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#10. It has always been desirable to tell the truth, but seldom if ever necessary. - Author: Arthur Balfour
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#11. The most powerful part of the art is experiential, yet it's the hardest to describe because it's nonverbal. - Author: Janet Echelman
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#12. One gem from that ocean is worth all the pebbles from earthly streams. - Author: Robert Murray M'Cheyne
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#13. That's what show business is, sincere insincerity. - Author: Benny Hill
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#14. I liked 35 and in both my novels that is the age of the lead characters. I tried making them my age but they just seemed to keep moaning about stuff. - Author: Alexei Sayle
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#15. Sunshine of late afternoon
On the glass tray
a glass pitcher, the tumbler
turned down, by which
a key is lying
And the
immaculate white bed - Author: William Carlos Williams
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