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Top 12 Horses For Courses Quotes

#1. I have no intention of watching undersized Englishmen perched on horses with matchstick legs race along courses planned to amuse Nell Gwynn. - Author: Gilbert Harding
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#2. Yet there are some critics in the nonfiction world who still look at some of today's stranger interpretations of the essay and say "You don't belong here. That's not how we do things." I think that's problematic. - Author: John D'Agata
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#3. All the terrible things we do to ourselves and others from alcoholism to character assignation to abuse to murder come from one cause: the inability to stay present with an uncomfortable feeling in the body and seek short-term relief. - Author: Pema Chodron
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#4. If you say what you think don't expect to hear only what you like. - Author: Malcolm Forbes
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#5. I always fantasized about having a girl stand on my bar like in that movie Coyote Ugly, but I never thought it would happen. - Author: Faith Sullivan
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#6. I think that music is crucially important in Shakespeare - and, clearly, was an important part of the Elizabethan theatre. And, it's always been something that was a profound element of the experience of Shakespeare that I have been drawn to - and interpreters have, as well. - Author: Kenneth Branagh
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#7. The conflicts we have with the outside world are often conflicts we have within ourselves. - Author: Bryant H. McGill
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#8. Life is stronger than you are, even when you deny it, even when you neglect it, even when you refuse to admit it. - Author: Anna Gavalda
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#9. Katherine stared intently at the cold, hard steel. She knew it would be loaded and that, if need be, there was extra ammunition in the back of the drawer. She would not be one of those girls, the ones who sit idly by and wait for the answers to come to them. - Author: Gwenn Wright
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#10. In case nobody told you three, nobody - Author: Ralph Cotton
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#11. Fifteen millions of soldiers with popguns and horses All bent upon killing, because their "of courses" Are not quite the same. - Author: Amy Lowell
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#12. You know a man is interesting when you forget to notice how expensive - or cheap - his clothes are. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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