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#1. You've got to wish for something the whole time when you're seventeen. You've got to, or there's nothing to live for. However impossible you've got to think you want it ... When I couldn't think of a thing I wanted I nearly died. - Author: Charlotte Bingham
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#2. 'Sara' was the first film project I worked on as an actress; it's a short film. - Author: Jessica Clark
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#3. I don't think you can ever fill the empty space with the thing you lost. - Author: John Green
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#4. There is no law for farm labor organizing, save the law of the jungle. - Author: Cesar Chavez
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#5. My father would tell anyone who would listen that this dentist thing he was doing was not his passion; cinematography was. - Author: Lasse Hallstrom
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#6. Once you've been around this business long enough, anything is a possibility. It's a business first and foremost. Guys play it because they love it, but it is a business, and if you don't understand that it's a business, you're lying to yourself. - Author: Logan Mankins
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#7. To use a telling phrase of the Reverend Martin Luther King, we can say that we have defaulted on a promissory note and now is the time to honor it. - Author: Pope Francis
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#8. The wrong one will start saying things like "withdraw with honor." We've heard phrases like that before, and they led to thousands and thousands of deaths. Democrats always want to look tough ... - Author: Paul Haggis
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#9. I want to keep pushing myself so I never feel settled. I don't really know if it's going to end up working. I'm stressed out most of the time. - Author: Selena Gomez
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#10. He (Marilyn Manson) has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original. - Author: Alice Cooper
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#11. Be able to meet any deadline, even if your work is done less well than it would be if you had all the time you would have preferred. - Author: Marilyn Vos Savant
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#12. There's something depraved about screwing a woman who doesn't give a fuck about it. It heats your blood ... " And then, after a moment's meditation - "Can you imagine what she'd be like if she had any feelings? - Author: Henry Miller
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#13. His mother had told him that when you looked into the eyes of God at the pearly gates, all the questions you ever had were answered.
Ronan had a lot of questions.
Waking Glendower might be like that. Fewer angels attending, and maybe a heavier Welsh accent. Slightly less judgment. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#14. My life is a fairy tale. You could not make it up. - Author: Elio Di Rupo
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#15. You only live once, so live a good life! - Author: Shane Filan
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#16. Insects are major players in nature's recycling effort, and in nature a corpse is simply organic matter to be recycled. Left to its own devices, nature quickly populates a corpse with a diverse community of organisms, all dedicated to reducing the body to its basic components. - Author: M. Lee Goff
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