Top 13 Hilda Of Whitby Quotes

#1. The Greatest Pleasure & The Greatest Pain exists in a relationship.

Dharmendra U

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#2. All your fears are byproducts of identification. You love a person and with the love, in the same parcel, comes fear- the person may leave you.


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#3. Grasp a difficulty by the "blade" and it cuts; grasp it by the "handle" and you can use it constructively.

Norman Vincent Peale

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#4. So many people hide inside their clothes.

Trinny Woodall

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#5. Career had a lot to do with 80 percent of my breakups. It's very tough to date a struggling musician. The idea of it is enticing and fun and mysterious. But the reality is long hours and hard work. I have a lot of respect for the women I've dated.

Taylor Hicks

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#6. I'm like an old record--Be my guest is the signature song; Please go away, always on side B.

Chloe Hooper

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#7. One monster there is in the world, the idle man.

Thomas Carlyle

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#8. He lay down, gathering her close. Aria slumped against him, turning her ear to his chest. She listened to his heartbeat - a good, solid sound - as the warmth of his body melted into her. She'd been in a fog earlier. Hallucinating and searching for what was real. She found it in him. He was real.

Veronica Rossi

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#9. I've been a compulsive reader for as long as I can remember.

David Nicholls

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#10. I know a fantastic kiss when I share one with someone."
My insides went mushy at the compliment. I was glad he'd felt the zinging between us, too. No! I wasn't. Damn it. I scowled. "It was pleasant enough."
Cooper threw his head back in laughter. "Right. You keep telling yourself that, Doc

Samantha Young

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#11. I always thought Broadway's the goal, and then I moved out to L.A. with 'Wicked' and started doing guest-star spots and little recurring things, and I was like, 'Well, this is pretty great; I'm kind of digging this.'

Megan Hilty

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#12. A man who has risked his life knows that careers are worthless, and a man who will not risk his career has a worthless life.

Orson Scott Card

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#13. Our churches are full of people during work hours, morning, noon, evening, praying instead of being in the factories, libraries, laboratories, facilitating economic growth

Sunday Adelaja

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