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#1. Spontaneous love admits errors, hesitations and human failings. It can be tested and repaired. - Author: Nancy Friday
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#2. Hesitations're yeses or nos if the questioner already knows the answer. - Author: David Mitchell
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#3. How long did it take me to delimit this art? Twenty years! ... It was a laborious process, but a methodical and rational one; gradually the hesitations were ironed out, but not all of a sudden. - Author: Joaquin Sorolla
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#4. A wise man has doubts even in his best moments. Real truth is always accompanied by hesitations. If I could not hesitate, I could not believe. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#5. As a consequence of these hesitations and of the vague character of such innovations, the Commission on Human Rights itself had doubts from the beginning about its role and its functions in general. - Author: Rene Cassin
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#6. You who are on the inside, don't condemn my lack of faith too quickly; you who are on the outside, don't be too quick to mock my overcredulity; you who are indifferent, don't be too quick to wax ironic about my perpetual hesitations. - Author: Bruno Latour
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#7. Where he saw a page of words, his friend saw the field of hesitations, black holes, and possibilities between the words. Where his friend saw dappled light, the felicity of flight, the sadness of gravity, he saw the solid form of a common sparrow. - Author: Nicole Krauss
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#8. Let there be no hesitations, no regrets, no compromises - they are at once cowardly and vain. - Author: Nikki Gemmell
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#9. I could never quite figure out if I needed to rescue Dara or be rescued from her. - Author: Paula Garner
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#10. You always get that one person who hates you for absolutely no reason. - Author: Sonja De Lange
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#11. I can live a totally normal life and do everything I want to do just as long as I take my medication. My body will give me signals if it gets weak or fatigued, so I know when I need to take a break. - Author: Toni Braxton
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#12. I prefer my hesitations, my false paths, my stammering, to a preconceived idea. - Author: Robert Doisneau
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#13. I'd had no particular interest in the Southwest at all as a young girl, and I was completely surprised that the desert stole my heart to the extent it did. - Author: Terri Windling
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#14. Well, this is how I feel: I want to live by the ocean but also in the forest but also in the mountains but also in a big city but also in the countryside. Do you understand me? - Author: Anonymous
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#15. There will always be men struggling to change, and there will always be those who are controlled by the past. - Author: Ernest Gaines
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#16. Intolerance drunk is bad enough, but intolerance sober is quite insupportable. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
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#17. That was what he wanted, to be baked dry and hard, to feel the vaporous worries evaporating one by one, to know finally that all the damp little doubts and hesitations that covered the floor of his being were curling up and expiring in the great furnace-blast of the sun. - Author: Paul Bowles
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#18. Sometimes you have to go to the bottom in order to start at the Top. - Author: Pensacola Helene
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#19. If I ask you to plunge into the Ganga or to jump from the roof of a house, meaning it all for your good, could you do even that without any hesitations Just think of it even now; otherwise don't rush forward on the spur of the moment to accept me as your Guru. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#20. It is with the reading of books the same as with looking at pictures; one must, without doubt, without hesitations, with assurance, admire what is beautiful. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
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#21. What do I believe? It has been a long journey of discovery. There have been hesitations and errors along the way, and no doubt will be more, because I am still learning, both about myself and about life. - Author: Anne Perry
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#22. He thinks of Elienad, lying beneath tables, listening to the inflections of lies. Watching the hesitations, the gestures, the tensed muscles. Learning a language the king was unaware he even spoke. - Author: Holly Black
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#23. When I meet the right girl I'll definitely have no hesitations to a relationship. - Author: Lee DeWyze
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#24. Never leave me behind; you are the only path I can walk without hesitations. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
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#25. There is no telling to what extremes of cruelty and ruthlessness a man will go when he is freed from the fears, hesitations, doubts and the vague stirrings of decency that go with individual judgment. - Author: Eric Hoffer
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#26. The chief difference between good writing and better writing may be measured by the number of imperceptible hesitations the reader experiences as he goes along. - Author: James J. Kilpatrick
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#27. In the end, though, it doesn't really matter. I think the key is to accept who you are, however you got that way. To embrace it, without reservations or hesitations. Because once you own who you are, it's not a limitation anymore. It's a source of strenght.
- Mo - Author: Erica O'Rourke
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#28. He'd listened to enough half-truths and outright lies from the outlaws he'd collected bounties on not to notice the slight hesitations in her speech or the exaggerated casualness of her posture. The woman was up to something. Heeding - Author: Karen Witemeyer
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#29. In Poland a man must be one thing: white or black, here or there, with us or against us
clearly, openly, without hesitations ... We lack the liberal, democratic tradition rich in all its gradations. We have instead the tradition of struggle: the extreme situation, the final gesture. - Author: Ryszard Kapuscinski
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#30. The institutions of the European Union, and the states that belong to this union, each and every one, are paying the price of our failures, hesitations and contradictions. We should each ask ourselves how personally responsible we are. - Author: Giorgio Napolitano
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#31. We fly with our dreams, we fall with our hesitations! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#32. Anytime something starts to feel like a popularity contest or not about the music, I'd rather just not be involved. I'm not a big high-fiver. That really gets to people around me when we have a No. 1 or something big happen. I'm not a big, 'Let's go have a party about it!' - Author: Gary Allan
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#33. I had some hesitations about philosophy because, if you worked out a philosophical theory, it was hard to know whether you were going to be able to prove it or whether other theories had just as good a claim on belief. - Author: Stephen Cole Kleene
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#34. Don't expect ambiguities, hesitations or palace intrigues from me. - Author: Anibal Cavaco Silva
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#35. In the transcribing and the editing, you want some retention of how the person speaks - you don't want to edit out all of the hesitations and idiosyncrasies. And to get people to say something they've never said before. That's big. - Author: Sheila Heti
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#36. Books leave gestures in the body; a certain way of moving, of turning, a certain closing of the eyes, a way of leaving, hesitations. Books leave certain sounds, a certain pacing; mostly they leave the elusive, which is all the story. They leave much more than the words. - Author: Dionne Brand
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