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#1. I loved Allan Dwan. He was a tough old guy.

Harry Carey Jr.

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#2. That is the nature of hope. We do all we can, and then the Lord stretches forth his hand and touches our lives with light and courage and, most of all, hope.

Dwan J. Young

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#3. There are planes that are not light. There are planes that are shadowy. But that is not our interest in meditation. We want brightness, ecstasy, brilliance beyond comprehension.

Frederick Lenz

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#4. I was hoping the people of the world might be united by something more interesting, like drugs or an unarmed struggle against the undead.

David Sedaris

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#5. The light of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. And the presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God is, and all is well.

Dwan Abrams

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#6. I know the Lord is anxious to respond to us if we will only turn to him.

Dwan J. Young

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#7. I often shoot with scissors in my eyes.

Allan Dwan

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#8. No one else in our family was a professional musician so this took an enormous leap of faith on their part.

Tony Visconti

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#9. Nostalgia is masochism and masochism is something masochists love to share.

Andrei Codrescu

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#10. There's always a certain amount of camera improvisation.

Allan Dwan

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#11. Before we can teach our children, we must understand and live the principles ourselves. It is vital that the child learn from our example that what we say and what we live are the same.

Dwan J. Young

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#12. Feel that you are happy without any cause for happiness.

Goswami Kriyananda

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#13. The Lord wants us to be filled with hope-not just because it points us to a brighter tomorrow, but because it changes the quality of our lives.

Dwan J. Young

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#14. You can disguise any set with lights and shadows.

Allan Dwan

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#15. In the soft and gentle arms of a mother's love,
children can come to know the voice of the Lord.

Dwan J. Young

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#16. Each of us comes into this world separately, one by one. This is not an accident. I think it's the Lord's way of reminding us of the infinite worth of each soul.

Dwan J. Young

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