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#1. I intend to marry Michael, and squander all his money and run his life, and make sure he never again consorts with wicked women or gambles with licentious men. I promise I will henpeck him until he has no life beyond what I allow him, and when we die, I will lie in his arms through all eternity.

Christina Dodd

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#2. I just say that at any weight you should love your life.

Kathy Najimy

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#3. Do parents sit down and tell their kids everything? I don't know. I don't know.

Maurice Sendak

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#4. The scariest thing in the world is thinking someone you love is going to die.

Jodi Picoult

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#5. We are being fired upon."

"By what?"

"A ham sandwich.

Sabrina Zbasnik

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#6. Some people are terrified of snakes. Some people are terrified about losing money.

Robert T. Kiyosaki

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#7. Miserliness is the one vice that grows stronger with increasing years. It yields its sordid pleasures to the end.

Agnes Repplier

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#8. Our passing interrupted the road crossing, and the crowd bunched on both sides waited for us to go by as we all waited for the war to go by, thinking we can suspend or postpone living and not knowing that in war the heart grows older than it does in dreams

Dan Davin

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#9. As a shareholder I have expressed my frustration with not getting more information about revenue and margins from the cloud.

Steve Ballmer

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#10. Write to your heart's content and by all means, have fun with your creation. It's your moment to do absolutely anything within those pages.

Jennifer Murgia

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#11. So often we measure
by what is false.
We should measure
by what is barely legible
barely in our dailiness.
It is the invisible that doesn't lie
the invisible through which
we see ourselves finally
on a back street in the world.

Peter Gizzi

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#12. That great lover of peace, a man of giant stature who moulded, as few other men have done, the destinies of his age.

Jawaharlal Nehru

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#13. Never judge a book by it's cover, the cover is great but the words are even greater.

Ms. Venom

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#14. Farewell, dearest friend, never to see one another any more till at the right hand of Christ.

Donald Cargill

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