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Top 17 Heal Faster Quotes

#1. When you go to a site, you usually run into usability problems pretty quickly. They're not hidden. They're not complicated. They're not baffling. They were in the design or crept into the design. - Author: Steve Krug
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#2. The moment that our real "issues" are exposed is simply when two people have the opportunity to go deeper, to explore further, to heal faster, to communicate more sincerely, to be more honest, and to love more truly. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#3. Most people aren't trained to want to face the process of re-understanding a subject they already know. One must obtain not just literacy, but deep involvement and re-understanding. - Author: Charles Eames
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#4. You aren't going to die for me," I said fiercely, shaking him a little, using up half a container of magic to heal everything in him faster.
His smile was red. "Don't worry so, darling. I'm far too pretty to die. - Author: Anne Zoelle
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#5. Spirituality does not have to be serious. You are spirituality. Fun laughter heal you faster than anything. Introduce fun back into your life. - Author: Anita Moorjani
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#6. When a person has adequate self-esteem little slights offer no threat at all - they are simply "passed over" and ignored. Even deeper emotional wounds are likely to heal faster and cleaner, with no festering sores to poison life and spoil happiness. - Author: Maxwell Maltz
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#7. Because people heal a whole lot faster when they're with someone who loves them - Author: Robin Roe
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#8. Whatever you feel will make your heart heal faster..that's what I want for you. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#9. The eyes healed in a matter of a few days, as eyes heal quickly, mine just heal faster than anybody else. I was back in the strip club hours later rehabbing my eyes. - Author: Don Frye
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#10. I don't like to channel surf. You guys like it, don't you. You guys like to change the channel. We like to change you. - Author: Wendy Liebman
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#11. When I went public with my breast cancer diagnosis six weeks ago, the overwhelming outpouring of love, prayers and support really helped me heal faster. I want to make sure to thank everyone. - Author: Giuliana Rancic
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#12. If other men were houses, Lucas was her home. - Author: Josephine Angelini
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#13. Why get killed when you can run ... your ego will heal much faster than a broken jaw. - Author: Richard Pryor
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#14. we didn't have much, but we had love. - Author: Tyler Perry
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#15. The tongue can cut deeper than the sword or heal faster than in the ward. - Author: Mufti Ismail Menk
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#16. I still love the preparation of the game. I think that actually helps you heal faster, still being around it; it keeps you motivated. It keeps you engaged, and I want to be around my teammates. - Author: Jon Beason
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#17. Warren Buffett is one of the best learning machines on this earth. The turtles which outrun the hares are learning machines. If you stop learning in this world, the world rushes right by you. - Author: Lucas Remmerswaal
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