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#1. A good writer does not write as people write, but as he writes. - Author: Baron De Montesquieu
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#2. As technology has improved, our digital lives have only grown more tangled and cluttered. - Author: Ryan Holmes
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#3. You have to make thousands and thousands of drawings before an illustration is perfected. - Author: Richard MacDonald
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#4. You've got to play with pride and guts. - Author: Lamar Odom
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#5. It's not an option that you have to buy something in my line. You can hang out, take pictures, shoot video, shout out loud all crazy, whatever you want really, because it's not about money for me. I'm happy to do what I do! - Author: Jason David Frank
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#6. But you cannot arrange your life around them and the small chance of the Dreamers coming into consciousness. Our moment is too brief. Our bodies are too precious. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
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#7. When I was to come to Washington the first time as Music Director of the Boston Symphony, Mrs. Johnson phoned us to find out if they could give us a party and who we would like to meet. - Author: Erich Leinsdorf
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#8. Philosophy is then nothing more than properly directed questions made in an attempt to better understand the world in which we live as a means of improving the quality of one's life. - Author: Chris Matakas
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#9. The end of war will come when we see that we already have enough, and we do not need to kill people who believe differently from us: we are all one human family. - Author: Unknown
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#10. First you shoot me," he muttered. "Now you're handin' me your damn club and spoutin' love poems." "She was sixteen, motherfucker, you woulda shot you." "No, asshole, I woulda killed me." At that, Preacher just kept grinning. Jesus, was he in the twilight zone? - Author: Madeline Sheehan
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#11. The NSA's business is 'information dominance,' the use of other people's secrets to shape events. - Author: Barton Gellman
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#12. There are supposed to be endorphins or whatever that make you feel great when you exercise. I don't think I have any, because I only feel great when I'm lying on the sofa reading a book, possibly while simultaneously eating biscuits. - Author: Judith Flanders
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