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#1. The sorcerer is a Simple Realist: the world is real
but then so must consciousness be real since its effects are so tangible. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#2. I often think of the space of a page as a stage, with words, letters, syllable characters moving across. - Author: Susan Howe
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#3. The problem is that our ideas are sticky: once we produce a theory, we are not likely to change our minds ... - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#4. Chaos comes before all principles of order & entropy, it's neither a god nor a maggot, its idiotic desires encompass & define every possible choreography, all meaningless aethers & phlogistons: its masks are crystallizations of its own facelessness, like clouds. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#5. Only the dead are truly smart, truly cool. Nothing touches them. While I live, however, I side with bumbling suffering crooked life, with anger rather than boredom, with sweet lust, hunger & carelessness ... against the icy avant-guard & its fashionable premonitions of the sepulcher. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#6. There are mics inside the instrument, a contact mic on my throat, and countless mics clustered around the air of the horn and throughout the room. I wanted to make something that was specific to the medium of recording. - Author: Colin Stetson
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#7. Sorcery: the systematic cultivation of enhanced consciousness or non-ordinary awareness & its deployment in the world of deeds & objects to bring about desired results. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#8. If rulers refuse to consider poems as crimes, then someone must commit crimes that serve the function of poetry, or texts that possess the resonance of terrorism. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#9. Ten minutes in a video store should convince any impartial observer that we live in a police state of consciousness, far more pervasive than the Nazis. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#10. In short, it occurred to me that perhaps the only possible avant garde is the avant garden. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#11. Words are blunt instruments, better suited to murder than to making sense of the world. - Author: Mark Lawrence
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#12. There is no becoming, no revolution, no struggle, no path; already you're the monarch of your own skin - your inviolable freedom waits to be completed only by the love of other monarchs: a politics of dream, urgent as the blueness of sky. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#13. Words belong to those who use them only till someone else steals them back. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#14. You have a very open relationship with your fans."
"Yes. We have an open relationship. Obviously they can see other authors if they want, and I can see other readers. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#15. The dullard sees no eros in fine champagne; the sorcerer can fall intoxicated on a glass of water - Author: Hakim Bey
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#16. Do not let yourself be tainted with a barren skepticism. - Author: Louis Pasteur
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#17. There are many really good teams in our conference this season. Miami, Indiana and Detroit will be our fiercest opponents this year. But we just have to focus on our game and be patient with the realistic hope that we'll be on top after all is said and done. - Author: Jason Kidd
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#18. Passion creates, addiction consumes. - Author: Gabor Mate
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#19. There's a fire that burns fast the more fuel goes on it and that's shiftlessness," Violet said stoutly. "Lois is a shiftless woman and money is just so much fuel to her fire. - Author: Elizabeth Yates
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#20. Mummies are dehydrated & they long for the blood of living words. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#21. The last possible deed is that which defines perception itself, an invisible golden chord that connects us: illegal dancing in the courthouse corridors. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#22. The dullard finds even wine tasteless, while the sorcerer is intoxicated by the mere sight of water. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#23. There's no question I'm going to do everything within the normal political bounds to make sure we don't nominate Donald Trump. I think he would be terribly unfit for office. - Author: Mitt Romney
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#24. A Tong can perhaps be defined as a mutual benefit society for people with a common interest which is illegal or dangerously marginal - hence, the necessary secrecy. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#25. One may always attempt as much insight, love, freedom of thought and expression, justice and tolerance as possible for oneself and the very few people who share one's truest life. To be a 'free lord' in secret is better than being a public slave, a willing accomplice of repression and injustice. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#26. i am awake only in what i love & desire to the point of terror -- everything else is just shrouded furniture, quotidian anaesthesia, shit-for-brains, sub-reptilian ennui of totalitarian regimes, banal censorship & useless pain ... - Author: Hakim Bey
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#27. Power is the thing that holds a band of perception together, and a band of perception is life for those who perceive in that band. If the band of perception were to go away, they would not exist. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#28. Don't just survive while waiting for someone's revolution to clear your head. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#29. Moloch merely shovels babies into the fire of productive capitalism. Mammon hooks them on the dead heroin of envy. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#30. Turn to yourselves rather than to your Gods or to your idols. Find what hides in yourselves; bring it to the light; show yourselves! - Author: Hakim Bey
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#31. To say that 'I will not be free till all humans (or all sentient creatures) are free' is simply to cave in to a kind of nirvana-stupor, to abdicate our humanity, to define ourselves as losers. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#32. We must rely less on spreadsheets and funding formulas and more on common sense. - Author: Kenny Guinn
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#33. I immediately noticed there were far more male characters than female characters in the programs, even now, in the 21st century. - Author: Geena Davis
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#34. Only drugs make you feel as good as people in TV ads appear to be. - Author: Hakim Bey
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#35. Then Circled by the golden light of God's Presence and His promise, Paul and Sierra walked side by side along the trail that lead tward the campus and on tward their Future - Author: Robin Jones Gunn
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#36. I maintain that (as usual) many sides exist to this issue rather than only two. Two-sided issues (creationism vs darwinism, "choice" vs "pro-life," etc.) are all without exception delusions, spectacular lies. - Author: Hakim Bey
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