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#1. I consider a work of art as a product of calculations, calculations that are frequently unknown to the author himself.

Pablo Picasso

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#2. What you have loved remains yours.

Gyula Krudy

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#3. The old and honorable idea of 'vocation' is simply that we each are called, by God, or by our gifts, or by our preference, to a kind of good work for which we are particularly fitted.

Wendell Berry

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#4. In our personal lives, we have a lot of businesses going on. I have a profession, I'm a father, a spouse, a good member of my community. How much of my time and energy can I allocate to each of those things? What I allocate becomes the strategy I have for my family, and everything else.

Clayton M Christensen

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#5. Anybody can be a victim, and anybody can flog themselves. Big fucking deal. But you put one foot on a ladder and climb to the next rung. Then you've done something. Then you've made a difference. And then what happens matters. Otherwise, it's just old news, and nobody wants to hear about it.

Tami Hoag

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#6. There is no freedom from the prison of the mind

Kelley Armstrong

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#7. Barbra Streisand developed overwhelming performance anxiety at the height of her career; for 27 years she refused to perform for the general public, appearing live only in private clubs and at charity events, where she presumably believed the pressure on her was less intense.

Scott Stossel

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#8. No, I have no desire to be a feminist, I just want to be a female,

Gyula Krudy

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#9. She believed a great happiness awaited her somewhere, and for this reason she remained calm as the days flew by.

Gyula Krudy

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#10. Let crazy life rush headlong on the highway for others; we shall contemplate the sunflowers, watch them sprout, blossom, fade away. Yesterday they were still giants, but now, in autumn, they are thatch on the roof.

Gyula Krudy

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#11. Only the insomniac looks on with open eyes, like a cadaver who forgot to die.

Gyula Krudy

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#12. It was Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse who said that simply because a person is a member of a specific denomination, there is no reason to suppose that the entire denomination is represented by that person's theology,

Walter Ralston Martin

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#13. The difference between perspective and reality is that a person uses their perspective for their benefit and reality through appreciation.

Coco Nicole Estef

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#14. I don't have an album cover with me on a broomstick.

Tom Felton

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#15. (Celeste) Be the hero, Matty. Come on. You're supposed to be the hero now. The romatic lead."
"I know that, too," he said. Matt did not hesitate a moment longer. "Julie, I love you. I absolutely love you.

Jessica Park

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#16. I'd love to step off this well-trodden straight and boring path. To somehow live differently, think different thoughts, feel different feelings than others. It wouldn't bother me to be as alone as a tree on the plains. My leaves would be like no other tree's.

Gyula Krudy

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#17. He's sitting in the catbird seat.

Red Barber

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