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#1. Litigation is a tool used by negotiators. - Author: Gerard I. Nierenberg
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#2. But then I'd miss that look on your face." "What look?" "Like you want to kick me and kiss me at the same time," he answered. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#3. The Russian Federation and the United States of America, the two biggest nuclear powers in the world, but apart from nuclear-wise, we have a lot in common. We have huge territories, natural resources, technologies, science, education, and of course human capital. - Author: Sergei Lavrov
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#4. The pillow was heaven feathers in six-hundred-count cotton joy. - Author: Devon Monk
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#5. You can receive your ideas with respect and curiosity, not with drama or dread. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#6. When you were young you talked about 'falling in love' with such amusing gravity, as if it were an actual recordable event, when what was it really? Chemicals. Hormones. A trick of the mind. - Author: Liane Moriarty
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#7. How can you beat someone that's already lost everything? - Author: Eddie Guerrero
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#8. The Silver Spoon, the best-selling Italian cookbook of the last 50 years. - Author: Timothy Ferriss
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#9. Boy, you ain't a poet ...
just a drunk with a pen. - Author: Hayes Carll
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#10. Indeed, one modern President abjured God altogether, ending speeches with a chaste 'Thank you very much.' This was Jimmy Carter, the most genuinely devout President of the postwar period. - Author: Jonathan Rauch
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