Top 6 Graham Purvis Quotes

#1. When you are angry, do not speak, but close your eyes. You can regain your inner peace with a word of prayer.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#2. Alan prayed she wasn't complying from some sense of obligation. He didn't want that, but neither could he bear for her to leave him to spend another night alone.

Bonnie Dee

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#3. While I love musical theater, it wasn't the right fit for me. It's so competitive, and I was at such a disadvantage, having started performing when I was 17.

Jack Falahee

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#4. But did I think it would last more than 13 episodes at the time? No, I didn't think that. I never know.

Fisher Stevens

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#5. Make a start on something, start small and don't dispise the small beginnings.

Euginia Herlihy

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#6. One of the things that drives me batty is people who think they're court watchers, who say, "Oh, Clarence Thomas. You know, his clerks do all the work for him. You know, he doesn't deserve to be there, and has never done anything."

Dahlia Lithwick

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