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#1. It is a denial of justice not to stretch out a helping hand to the fallen; that is the common right of humanity. - Author: Seneca.
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#2. I think the future of architecture does not lie so much in continuing to fill up the landscape, as in bringing back life and order to our cities and towns. - Author: Gottfried Bohm
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#3. Wardrobe of Denial. Blanchie glanced - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#4. According to a new poll, 48 percent of Americans believe that Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy. Then Hillary said, 'Actually I just made that poll up.' - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#5. I guess I learnt to appreciate old Hindi-movie music from my dad and somewhere down the line picked up jazz as well. - Author: Deepika Padukone
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#6. You cannot just quote from history and above all you cannot take it out of context, in however humorous a fashion . On the contrary history has a natural continuity which must be respected - Author: Gottfried Bohm
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#7. They tell me that you have been crying in your sleep. Do not grieve our separation, my love, for our reunion will come just as swiftly.
-Letter from unknown prisoner, convicted of treason, to fiancee - Author: Marie Lu
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#8. The point of drinking in moderation is that sometimes you don't drink in moderation. - Author: Artie Lange
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#9. You wanted to see the world.
And yet, all I want is to see you. - Author: Sade Andria Zabala
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#10. I use different kinds of materials on different kinds of projects. Today we can do things with steel and glass that we could not do before. flexible enough to change. - Author: Gottfried Bohm
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#11. I felt ashamed about everything. Me dropping out of high school, me not, you know, just not being beautiful enough. I just didn't feel like I was smart enough or beautiful enough, you know, for years. - Author: Mary J. Blige
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#12. Probability is a powerful and troublesome test; and it is by this troublesome standard that a large portion of historical evidence is sifted. Consistency is no less pertinacious and exacting in its demands. - Author: Homer
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#13. New buildings should fit naturally into their surroundings, both architecturally and historically, without denying or prettifying the concerns of our time - Author: Gottfried Bohm
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#14. A building is a human being's space and the background for his dignity and its exterior should reflect its contents and function - Author: Gottfried Bohm
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#15. Architecture must make connections - Author: Gottfried Bohm
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#16. What ever truth drops on it eventually grinds to a powder. - Author: Art Blakey
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#17. Streamlined time details are especially important, because by having to take a close look, we discover new things. Because of this, details will remain part of the building in the mind's eye - Author: Gottfried Bohm
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