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#1. Mark Twain was so good with crowds that he became, in competition with singers and dancers and actors and acrobats, one of the most popular performers of his time. It is so unusual, and so psychologically unlikely, too, for a great writer to be a great performer, too ... - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#2. He felt a discrepancy between the growing luxury in which the Divers lived & the need for display which apparently went along with it, - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#3. I always go in with the feeling that I'm gonna have a good time in what I'm doing. I entertain myself when I perform. If I do that, then I can see the other performers enjoying my character. - Author: Seymour Cassel
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#4. I love music that has good catchy choruses and fits into many different genres ... I like real artists, that write their own material and are great performers. - Author: Perez Hilton
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#5. If you support diversity and think shows should give a portrayal of what America truly looks like, then performers with disabilities must be included in that equation ... People have been very good at being politically correct. - Author: Robert David Hall
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#6. I like performing because it's direct contact with live people. I write a good deal of the time but that's introspective creation rather than interaction. - Author: Oliver
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#7. Like the beach glass, the wood was more beautiful because of its journey, because of the things it had been through.

Inside the perfect shells is dim,
It's through the cracks, the light comes in. - Author: Lisa Wingate
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#8. People say the media is feeding the public's hunger for celebrity news, but that's the drug pusher's mentality. I don't think anybody would be pining for news about Angelina Jolie's babies if it weren't being given to them in the first place. - Author: Patti Smith
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#9. The biggest trap that all performers and writers find is that when something really crazy, really bad happens, your mind immediately goes to, 'Can I write about this?' - which is good and bad. - Author: Riki Lindhome
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#10. The real reason I love Bamburgh is that it's the only place in the world where I ever truly relax. - Author: Kevin Whately
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#11. It's actually good when the performers are nervous, because it kind of sharpens up your brain and a little bit of adrenaline is good. Initially it's really tough. - Author: Brian Henson
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#12. I love a good lyricist - always have. The thing that inspired me most was the different performers, like Tina Turner, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Madonna, even Janet Jackson. - Author: Jennifer Lopez
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#13. An actor stands in front of a camera onstage, and he controls time and space for the audience. He tells them how long this will take, where to look, when to look, what to think about it. And good performers should be able to do their part with the sound off. - Author: John Michael Higgins
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#14. In the scientific community you find competent teachers and original researchers, just as in the musical community you find many good performers but very few good composers. - Author: Mario Bunge
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#15. I love performing in a good straight play as well and I'm a crossover actor, I crossover from plays to musicals, musicals to plays. This is very difficult for performers. - Author: Erica Schroeder
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#16. People ask me if I left the lyrics open to ambiguity. Of course I did. I wanted to make a whole series of complex statements. The lyrics had to do with the state of society at the time. - Author: Don McLean
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#17. I think there's that weird bastardization where musical theatre actors are treated as almost like vaudevillians or circus performers - that we're somehow not good actors because we sing and dance. - Author: Laura Benanti
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#18. I have never learned how to tell somebody something good about myself; that should be a secret they must find out . - Author: Joan Rivers
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#19. That is the godawful thing about television today. Performers don't have any place to hit and miss. You're either in or you're out; you don't have a chance to become good at your craft. If you make three pictures in a row and they don't go over, you're out of the business. - Author: Donald O'Connor
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#20. Great performers require a measure of confidence that would strike many as absurd, unfounded, and downright irrational. They believe in themselves utterly, without question, even when everyone else is questioning how good (or sane) they are. - Author: John Eliot
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#21. When you do a really good play, the audience and the performers are looking into the same looking glass, the same microscope. And the specimen they are looking at is human life and that's why I do it, that's why I like it. - Author: John Malkovich
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