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#1. The East is going to be pretty easy for me. The Great Chest of the West becomes the Great Beast of the East. - Author: Shaquille O'Neal
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#2. There is going to be a nuclear arms race in the Middle East if Iran gets a nuclear weapon. And you are going to see it in Egypt, in Turkey, in the Emirates. All of those people will want that. - Author: John Barrasso
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#3. In Psalms 103:12, we are told how far away God wants to cast our sins from us: "as far as the east is from the west." Note that he didn't say as far as north is from the south because when you go south long enough, you eventually start going north again, but when you go east, you always go east. - Author: Mark Biltz
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#4. The centre of the universe and only rotates on its axis without going from east to west, is a very dangerous attitude and one calculated not only to arouse all Scholastic philosophers and theologians but also to injure our holy faith by contradicting the Scriptures. - Author: Robert Bellarmine
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#5. I'm trying to be number one all the way around. It's not just the South, it's not just the East, it's not the West, I'm going for across the world, you know what I'm saying? This is where I'm coming from. - Author: Ludacris
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#6. Some people argue we should solve all the problems on Earth before going off the planet, but that's like telling Lewis and Clark to stay put until the rest of the East was settled. No way. - Author: Vint Cerf
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#7. In July of 2004, I came out strongly against the war with Iraq because it was going to destabilize the Middle East. - Author: Donald Trump
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#8. At the moment, the extremists have significant financial popular and theological backing in the Middle East. And that is an enduring phenomenon. And it's one that is going to require a long, ideological war to win. - Author: Chuck Todd
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#9. I would rather die going to the west than live by staying in the east. - Author: Xuanzang
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#10. Imagine - four years you could have spent travelling around Europe meeting people, or going to the Far East of Africa or India, meeting people, exchanging ideas, reading all you wanted to anyway, and instead I wasted it at Roosevelt. - Author: Shel Silverstein
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#11. I hope they're going to learn, and as a result of our response, that it isn't going to work. They're not going to change our life, they're not going to have us throw out our Constitution, and they're not going to chase us out of the Middle East. - Author: Paul Bremer
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#12. Very often we talk about India and China, but not really Malaysia and Indonesia. The potential in the shift to the East is going to be great and very important for this country. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
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#13. In America, we're trying to find a peaceful solution in the Middle East and we're not going to be divided along any lines, including religious lines, including ethnic backgrounds. - Author: Darrell Issa
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#14. Berlin is still going through a transition since the Cold War - both in what used to be East and West Berlin. I can still sense the confusion and the struggle for identity there in the streets. There's a pulse to it. - Author: Diane Kruger
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#15. Before going on 'X Factor' again, I felt like I'd tried everything else. - Author: Fleur East
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#16. There are four directions: North, South, East, and West. We are going in the fifth direction, which is the direction of stories. - Author: Sean Taylor
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#17. I consciously decided not to be a 'London' actor. Those gangster movies made a lot of East End actors think they were movie stars. And I was very aware that they were going to go out of fashion. - Author: Eddie Marsan
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#18. They're keeping friction going between people from the East and the West. One thing we all got in common is your color, which is Black and Latino, which is our family. - Author: Afrika Bambaataa
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#19. As I've submerged myself in news of the revolutions sweeping North Africa and the Middle East, I wanted desperately to feel part of what was going on. And then it hit me: This is what white people were doing to me after Obama was elected! - Author: Baratunde Thurston
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#20. But even before Obama had a chance to carve out a name for himself as a drone-happy serial killer in the Middle East, the US made it clear that it was not going to play benign hegemon in its Latin American backyard. - Author: Liza Featherstone
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#21. Look at the most religious areas of the world at present - the Middle East and the United States. These are sick societies, and they're going to get sicker. People are never more dangerous than when they have nothing left to believe in except God. - Author: J.G. Ballard
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#22. I'm so glad my window looks east into the sun rising," said Anne, going over to Diana. "It's so splendid to see the morning coming up over those long hills and glowing through those sharp fir tops. It's new every morning, and I feel as if I washed my very soul in that bath of earliest sunshine. Oh, - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#23. As the Iberian explorers made their way down the African coast - the Portuguese going around the Horn to East Asia, the Spaniards cutting west to the Americas - both powers had two main goals in mind: finding precious metals and planting sugarcane. (Oh, and spreading the word of God.) The - Author: Tom Reiss
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#24. I grew up on the East Coast and was going to go to an Ivy League School, but at the last minute I decided to be a hippy. It was the protest movements on the war, peace movements were going on at our university. It was a fantastic time. - Author: Michael Douglas
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#25. Middle East has been in turmoil for thousands of years. For us to think that we're going to in there and fix that with a couple of little bombs and a few little decorations is relatively foolish. - Author: Benjamin Carson
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#26. We have to have a more realistic foreign policy and not a utopian one where we say, oh, we're going to spread freedom and democracy, and everybody in the Middle East is going to love us. They are not going to love us. - Author: Rand Paul
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#27. I am a Westerner. We're not going to change the West by going East. The East has a lot to teach us, but essentially it's like a mirror, saying, hey, can't you see what's here in your own religion, what are you, stupid? - Author: Matthew Fox
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#28. I'm going to Queen Mary's [university] in East London and I am trying to juggle it. Sometimes, it's really hard. - Author: Yasmin Paige
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#29. There's something very wrong with this world, and it isn't just the wars going on in Asia or the Middle East. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#30. Everything's going to be fine. She'll be back at work soon. Let's just keep the house clean. Oh yeah, I want to say, because a clean house will result in peace in the Middle East as well. - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#31. If I'm going east and west, nothing's happening. - Author: Jamal Lewis
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#32. My philosophy is such that I am not going to vote against the oppressed. I have been oppressed, and so I am always going to have avote for the oppressed, regardless of whether that oppressed is black or white or yellow or the people of the Middle East, or what. I have that feeling. - Author: Septima Poinsette Clark
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#33. the United States decided it was not going to intervene in Syria - at least for the time being. The Syrian opposition felt betrayed and abandoned. Worse, Syrians were now completely without hope, which is the most dangerous human condition. A man or woman with no hope is capable of anything. - Author: Richard Engel
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#34. I realized that I loved using computers to create something, but being an architect just wasn't going to keep me interested. The idea of a life spent obsessing over bathroom details for an Upper East Side penthouse was pretty depressing. - Author: Joseph Kosinski
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#35. The longer I lived in the east, the more completely I realized that, for better or worse, I was going to be, to everybody's mind, wherever I lived, a Texan. - Author: Donald E. Graham
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#36. The thing that's really rewarding is when people will say to me that they had actually given up the bass, but are going to start again because the online school seems like a good idea. - Author: Nathan East
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#37. The way the world is going, it's technology driven. And it isn't just driven by the old super powers, it's driven by the far east and new emerging economies. - Author: James Dyson
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#38. I really like supernatural stories, but, to me, 'Witches of East End' is really grounded. It's not just going for the magic tricks and keeping it superficial and action-y. - Author: Madchen Amick
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#39. If you go too soon, you can come unstuck with 50m left when the guys are going past you. - Author: Michael East
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#40. When America does not lead, the world is a dangerous and a tragic place. This is a bad deal. [Barack] Obama broke every rule of negotiation.Yes, our allies are not perfect, but Iran is at the heart of most of the evil that is going on in the Middle East through their proxy. - Author: Carly Fiorina
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#41. I studied international relations in England, and I wanted to pursue higher education and be able to analyze what was going on in Iran politically, not only in Iran, but in the Middle East. - Author: Shohreh Aghdashloo
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#42. The Middle East is literally going up in flames, as is California, and Katrina's problems haven't been solved, and Congress' response is to criticize Federal judges. - Author: Alcee Hastings
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#43. Without action, we are going to continue to allow Iran to be a safe harbor for terrorists, see its economy further deteriorate, and see the Middle East further destabilize. - Author: Russ Carnahan
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#44. The only difference between the East and the West seems to be that you have ancestors and we are going to be ancestors. - Author: Harold Bell Wright
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#45. New Yorkers only cross water for visual culture if the water is an ocean. The East River throws us for a huge loop. If we started going to Queens and the Bronx for visual culture, many of our rent, space, and crowding problems would be over indefinitely. - Author: Jerry Saltz
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#46. We shouldn't have a program where we just say that we're going to take care of the world's refugees. Nobody in the Middle East is doing anything. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait - all the Gulf nations are doing nothing. - Author: Rand Paul
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#47. I moved to the east coast when everybody else was going to the west coast. I (then) chased it back toward the west coast. I built my career up by doing small roles (which led) to principal roles and getting bumped into main character roles. - Author: Drew Waters
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#48. George Bush didn't campaign on, 'If you elect me, I'm going to be a great president to confront terrorism and launch a war in the Middle East' because nobody was thinking about it in the year 2000. But it became the defining issue of his presidency. - Author: Mike Huckabee
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#49. Back then, as a kid, you made a choice of who you liked, and it was either us or 'Take That.' And if you liked 'East 17', it showed you knew what was going on, you were clued up, had better taste in music. - Author: Brian Harvey
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#50. I ate really well and I'm vegan. I breastfeed, so everyday I got more and more back to my prebaby shape, but knowing I was going to be filming [Wiches of East End] in six weeks was a nice little reminder. - Author: Jenna Dewan
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#51. We also want to try and slow down all this foolishness that's going on between the East and West. We gotta understand that Hip Hop is now universal. Hip Hop is not East coast or West coast. - Author: Afrika Bambaataa
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#52. When you look at - when you talk to people in Africa and across the Middle East, they're not satisfied with the way things are going. Sure, this idea of democracy was injected into the region, but it has brought mostly chaos. - Author: Richard Engel
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#53. I remember, one day, I just printed out about a hundred CVs, and I was running around London. I was going to modeling agencies, temping agencies, anything. I was so desperate. - Author: Fleur East
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#54. Peace in the Middle East isn't going to be created by another war or violent act on the other side. - Author: Mandy Patinkin
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#55. Yeah one run!" Agres yelled Tria and Agres quickly turned back heading east they had no idea where they were going as the fire began to catch up with them Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Was all that was going through Tria's head. - Author: Charon Lloyd-Roberts
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#56. I started 'Society's Child' on a bus in East Orange as I was going home from school. I saw a black and white couple sitting there and started thinking about it. - Author: Janis Ian
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#57. If going east or west, or back and forth
It always pays to keep in sight true north - Author: John Bryden
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#58. Americans look at the Middle East as a source of trauma because of 9/11. At the same time, I could see the fear going on in the Middle East as well - which would be the next country to be invaded or sanctioned? Being around those tensions was traumatic for me. - Author: G. Willow Wilson
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#59. I am going to Spain to fight an army without a general, and thence to the East to fight a general without an army. - Author: Julius Caesar
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#60. The East is marvellously interesting for tracing our steps back. But for going forward, it is nothing. All it can hope for is to be fertilised by Europe, so that it can start on a new phase. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#61. There's a great documentary on Tupac called 'Resurrection' about the last few years of Tupac's life and how he transformed. And, ironically, how this East Coast rapper became this West Coast icon, back when all that Death Row/Sean Combs stuff was going on. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#62. We think we're near energy independence - nothing could be further from the truth. We're in much better shape now, but the price of a barrel of oil is going to be controlled by the Middle East for the next 10, 20, 30 years for sure. - Author: Michael Mullen
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#63. Oh, it's essential. I mean, you have to - if I'm writing about the Middle East, I have to go there, and if possible, stay long enough to get a real feeling for what's going on. - Author: Joe Sacco
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#64. I've said I won't eat meat until the whole world can eat it responsibly, which is going to be hard. It's becoming more and more fashionable to eat more and more meat and they've just made it fashionable to eat meat in the east in China, which is a massive population. - Author: Douglas Booth
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#65. I actually bought the argument that if we democratized Iraq, we could create a space for venting some of the stuff that's going on in the Middle East in these autocratic regimes that is expressing itself through jihadism, because it has nowhere else to express itself. - Author: Andrew Sullivan
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#66. Fantasy is the tendency of Americans, going back to colonial times, to look at the Middle East as a type of fractured mirror of the United States - a type of mirror that could look a lot more like the United States, if, say, a Middle Eastern George Washington would emerge. - Author: Michael Oren
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#67. There's not a lot of precedent for weird, bald musicians in the Lower East Side making records in their bedrooms and going on to sell a lot of copies of the record. Especially if you look at the pop climate. - Author: Moby
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#68. 'Going Back to Cali' is one of my favorite songs because of all the East Coast - West Coast rivalry. - Author: ASAP Ferg
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#69. You don't know whether he's thought through how this is going to affect the Middle East. - Author: Chris Matthews
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#70. In any offense you put me in, when things break down, I'm going to get outside the pocket and move ... West Coast, East Coast. It doesn't matter. I'm taking off if I have to, to make things happen. - Author: Michael Vick
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#71. American power in the Middle East is collapsing. It doesn't need much more than a shove, and it will - and that's not going to be a good thing. - Author: Robert Fisk
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#72. My impression about the Panama Canal is that the great revolution it is going to introduce in the trade of the world is in the trade between the east and the west coast of the United States. - Author: William Howard Taft
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