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#1. Profits aren't everything. If you can get out with only your ass intact, that's pretty good too. - Author: Jesse Petersen
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#2. I'm hesitant to ever take on the crest of the veteran. So I don't know who I am to warn the younger writer about the perils to come. I think maybe the most dangerous influence is to think you have all the answers and should be giving counsel. - Author: Rachel Kushner
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#3. He was the mightiest of Puritans no less than of philistines who first insisted that beauty is only skin deep. - Author: Louis Kronenberger
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#4. Fong's obscenity-spattered fit about keyboards. So what to look - Author: Vernor Vinge
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#5. Fox Jung ... I dunno why I get so hungry whenever I see you. Just once ... if I could swallow you up in one bite, just once ... I'd never need anything else."
"Now, I'm really scared ... that one day, I'll open my eyes and find myself inside your stomach. - Author: Hajin Yoo
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#6. Character, mon cher, does not stand still. It can gather strength. It can also deteriorate. What a person really is, is only apparent when the test comes - that is, the moment when you stand or fall on your own feet. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#7. When I got across, I looked back and saw Tyson giving Grover a piggyback ride (or was it a goatyback ride?). - Author: Rick Riordan
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#8. The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage. - Author: Carrie Jones
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#9. It's always hard for an author to determine his own intentions, especially in retrospect. - Author: Paul Kingsnorth
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#10. I know some of my parents' friends think 'Little Britain' is in incredibly poor taste. But swimming the Channel? You can't really say anything negative about that, can you? There's nothing better than making your parents happy. The glee on my father's face that day was amazing. - Author: David Walliams
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#11. The best slave does not need to be beaten. She beats herself. - Author: Erica Jong
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#12. The Howard Hughes thing hadn't actually sounded like such a bad deal until about ... oh, eight thirty-five this morning. Something about having his ex carry him to the bathroom and help him wash his balls just took all the fun out of becoming an eccentric recluse. - Author: Heidi Betts
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#13. I want to make the most out of the word 'fame.' I want to do good things with my fame, or whatever it is. I want to help and do charity work. - Author: Ali Lohan
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#14. And this book was an attempt to be with these feelings, also to find a place that will allow both to remember all the time without dying of it and to forget without killing. - Author: David Grossman
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