Top 15 Gloveless Quotes

#1. Carney was hatless and gloveless, wearing her pink linen. Sam looked at her more than once.
"its just because he likes pink," she told herself.

Maud Hart Lovelace

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#2. Forgiveness is a stunning principle, your ticket out of hate and fear and chaos.

Barbara Johnson

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#3. I took 'P.S. I Love You' thinking it was going to be a little funny, and I ended up crying every day on that film.

Hilary Swank

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#4. They had engaged in what could not be called treatment or even discussion, but open combat, the two of them a microcosm of the great war raging in the far distance: one side that desired autonomy, and the other that took independence as a sign of madness.

Kathy Hepinstall

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#5. I can never fathom it when people say things like "I can't understand abstract art!" Or: "Abstract art is junk!" Or: "Abstract art isn't as valid as realism!"

Derek R. Audette

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#6. Vain man is apt to think we were merely intended for the world's propagation and to keep its human inhabitants sweet and clean; but, by their leaves, had we the same literature he would find our brains as fruitful as our bodies.

Hannah Woolley

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#7. Touched by an act of kindness, be kind to others.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#8. When you start to build self-worth and redeem your magnificence, the fears go away ... you void your fears via your realization of your own self-worth.

Lee Carroll

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#9. Hey, Warren, the Raiders signed you to a seven-year deal. I guess Bill Callahan was right - they are the dumbest team in America.

Tom Arnold

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#10. I learned something in the years I spent among suicide bombers ... The boys and girls who are willing to blow up their lives are not the true believers. They are the ones in agonies of doubt. There is always someone with nothing to prove who buckles the belt around them.

Sheri Holman

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#11. Well, I've lost my wife. I've lost my job. I've lost 20 MINUTES OF MY LIFE! Damn the decaf.

Dave Foley

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#12. If a person can turn from predicting illness to anticipating recovery, the foundation for cure is laid.

Bernie Siegel

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#13. And when you meet someone and fall in love, and they fall in love with you, you ask them "Will you take my heart
stains and all?" and they say "I will," and they ask you the same question and you say, "I will," too.

Douglas Coupland

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#14. Business leaders cultivate vision to unify teams; the teams cultivate business to fulfill the vision.

Orrin Woodward

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#15. I had to wait nine days for a letter that said a lot of very silly things.

Michael Laudrup

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