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#1. I originally invested in Dropcam because I foresaw what the company and their products could do for consumers and the industry. I've been deeply impressed with what they've done in such little time, and I'm confident that they'll continue to exceed my expectations. - Author: Mitch Kapor
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#2. She had a crooked smile on her face as she turned, but it slid off suddenly when she saw who was standing there. Glokta snorted. 'Don't worry, I get that reaction from everyone. Even myself, every morning, when I look into the mirror.' If I can even manage to stand up in front of the damn thing. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#3. Strange, isn't it,' mused Glokta as he watched him struggle for air. 'Big men, small men, thin men, fat men, clever men, stupid men, they all respond the same to a fist in the guts. One minute you think you're the most powerful man in the world. The next you can't even breathe by yourself. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#4. Stage is really hard work. You've got to do it every night. Not like doing it once and walking away. - Author: Morgan Freeman
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#5. What a place. Glokta stifled a smile. It reminds me of myself, in a way. We both were magnificent once, and we both have our best days far behind us. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#6. As for being a good man,' and Glokta curled his lip, 'that ship sailed long ago, and I wasn't even there to wave it off. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#7. If you stumble on your journey, rise and start again. - Author: Lorna Jackie Wilson
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#8. Someone was telling me that no more applications were being accepted for the position of God. - Author: Jan Burke
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#9. Sand dan Glokta, shield to the helpless. Is it ever too late to be ... a good man? - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#10. Empathy? What's that?" Glokta winced as he rubbed at his aching leg. "It's a sad fact, but pain only makes you sorry for yourself. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#11. Have you no pity?' Glokta could only shrug. 'I did have. As a boy I was soft-hearted beyond the point of foolishness. I swear, I would cry at a fly caught in a spider's web.' He grimaced at a brutal spasm through his leg as he turned for the door. 'Constant pain has cured me of that. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#12. You are an old pig!'one of them said to the other. 'And that is worse than being a young one. - Author: Ivan Turgenev
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#13. There are only four points of warmth and brightness, in the whole world, that burn fiercely enough for me to feel something like the person I was. Your mother, your father, Lucie, and you. You love, and tremble, and burn. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#14. Isabel turns down Oak toward the little vintage shop at Fourth Avenue, thinking of lunch - the Chinese place in Old Town, casting around inside herself for hunger, imagining the tastes of things. - Author: Alexis M. Smith
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#15. Body found floating by the docks... - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#16. You'd have to be a bold man to bet your life on what I'd dare. How bold are you? -Sand dan Glokta - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#17. Living in a house where domestic violence goes on every day never feels like home. You don't have to suffer in silence. I'm giving my full support to this website as it will give proper and practical advice about what to do if you feel afraid. Remember, you're not alone. - Author: Beverley Knight
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#18. Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#19. I love what I'm doing. - Author: Isaiah Thomas
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#20. Men emerge pale from the little printing plant at four sharp, ghosts for an instant, blinking, until the outdoor light overcomes the look of constant indoor light clinging to them. - Author: John Updike
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#21. I will confess!" shrieked Teufel, "I will confess!"
"Excellent," said Glokta brightly.
"Excellent," said Severard.
"Etherer," said Practical Frost. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#22. We are seeing reports that NATO's sending early warning radar planes and German military personnel to Turkey. That might reduce the chances of another incident like this jet shoot down. And obviously both NATO and the U.S. are pressing their ally Turkey to urgently deescalate the situation. - Author: Peter Kenyon
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#23. Don't "but" me, Glokta!' hissed Sult. 'Don't you dare "but" me, not today! You're not half as crippled as you could be! Not half as crippled, you understand? - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#24. Faith exalts the human heart, by removing it from the market-place, making it sacred and unexchangeable. Under the jurisdiction of religion our deeper feelings are sacralized, so as to become raw material for the ethical life: the life lived in judgement. - Author: Roger Scruton
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#25. Oh well," sighed Glokta. "A man has to have hope doesn't he?"
"Of course sir," muttered the servant, heading for the door.
Does he? - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#26. Hurray', shouted Glokta. 'Porridge again!'He looked over at the motionless Practical. 'Porridge and honey, better than money, everything's funny, with porridge and honey! - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#27. 315. - What commonly hinders us from showing the recesses of our heart to our friends, is not the distrust we have of them, but that we have of ourselves. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
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#28. Recklessness didn't work out for me in the end."
- Sand dan Glokta - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#29. Vurms stopped in his tracks. "You wouldn't dare!"

Glokta smiled. His most revolting, leering, gap-toothed smile. "You'd have to be a bold man to bet your life on what I'd dare. How bold are you? - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#30. An open mind is like to an open wound,' growled Glokta. 'Vulnerable to poison. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#31. Magnificent,' muttered Glokta, stretching out his aching back and squinting up, the pure white stone almost painful to look at in the afternoon glare. 'Seeing this, one could almost believe in God.' If one didn't know better. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
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#32. When you come right down to it, I guess I really am pretty bland. - Author: Dale Murphy
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