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#1. A man investigating principles cannot argue with one who denies their existence. - Author: Aristotle.
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#2. Once you have kids, you think like a parent. You get a lot more protective. - Author: Trey Parker
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#3. It's tough campaigning, kissing hands and shaking babies. - Author: Pat Paulsen
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#4. Worry is fear in disguise. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#5. No Swaraj government with any pretension to being a popular government can possibly be organised and maintained on a war-footing. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#6. I remember the first time my mind was blown by an actor was Tim Curry, because I loved 'Clue' when I was a kid, and then I was watching the movie 'Legend,' and the Devil suddenly smiles, and I was like, 'It's the same guy!' It was a total Keyser Soeze moment. - Author: Oscar Isaac
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#7. As Razam so aptly demonstrates, a new kind of traveler is emerging-one that embarks into the mysterious and uncharted domain within, where they aim to conquer their own hearts. Written in the tradition of a great adventure narrative, Aya Awakenings is a timely story for a new emerging era. - Author: Yossi Ghinsberg
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#8. The secrecy of Masonry is an honorable secrecy; any good man may ask for her secrets; those who are worthy will receive them. To give them to those who do not seek, or who are not worthy, would but impoverish the Fraternity and enrich not those who received them. - Author: William Howard Taft
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#9. You entered a marathon with hills? You idiot. - Author: Don Kardong
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#10. A movie like 'Selma' should be a relic in a time capsule from 1965, a clue to how well we heeded King's words and how far we have advanced. Instead, it is a reminder that the 'American problem' has yet to be solved. - Author: Richard Corliss
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#11. Watch it." he said at last. "I can make your life miserable." I gave him an icy smile. "You already have, and that's why i've got the advantage. You've done your worst but you haven't seen what i can do yet. - Author: Richelle Mead
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