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Top 12 Georgi Markov Quotes

#1. Don't believe in miracles - depend on them. - Author: Laurence J. Peter
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#2. Tourism is a very big economic benefit to the Sherpa people, and also, they have very strong ties to their own social attitudes and their own religion, so fortunately, they're not too influenced by many of our Western attitudes. - Author: Edmund Hillary
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#3. The laws are the sole guardians of right, and when the magistrate dares not act, every person is insecure. - Author: Noah Webster
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#4. I've always said, I like my coffee like I like my men ... I don't drink coffee. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#5. Asian players train so hard. Most of the time, on Monday mornings, the only people you see on the range are Asians. I mean, only see Asians. - Author: Yani Tseng
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#6. I think it is its time for the leaders of Africa to say to President Mugabe that the people of Zimbabwe deserve a free and fair election. - Author: Raila Odinga
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#7. No matter how healthy, intelligent or affluent we may be, if our minds are weak, then our happiness will also be frail and brittle. Our minds of faith, moreover, enable us to bring out the full potential in all things and situations, so it is crucial that we strive to forge our minds of faith. - Author: Daisaku Ikeda
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#8. "And now you have joy?" "I do indeed." "And how did you get it?" "I chose it, admitted it into my life, then I celebrated its arrival in my heart. I made my celebration so loud and boisterous, I prohibited all gloom from attending the celebration" ... - Author: Calvin Miller
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#9. Neither limits nor adversity are what ruin men. Under pressure, they handle themselves pretty well. It's the lack of limits they can't handle. That's when they run amok. So, if you really want to see what a man is made of let him think he can get away with something. - Author: Bill Bonner
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#10. I was a big, big fan of Jimmy Burton. Anything with him on, I used to perk up and listen to it over and over and over again. - Author: Dave Davies
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#11. Lowering your standards is the key to happiness. - Author: Ramon Bautista
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#12. Using the device of an imaginary world allows me in some strange way to go to the central issues - it's one of many ways to express feelings about real people, about real human relationships. - Author: Lloyd Alexander
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