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#1. An entire gullible nation believed faithfully in Santa Claus. But Santa Claus was really the Gasman. - Author: Gunter Grass
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#2. Glaring at the Gasman, ter Borcht said, "Your time is coming to an end, you
pathetic failure of an experiment. Vhat you say now is how you vill be
Gazzy's blue eyes flashed. "Then you can remember me telling you to kiss
"Enough!" ter Borcht said. - Author: James Patterson
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#3. Unfortunately, computers are?stupid.Unlike human beings, computers possess the truly profound stupidity of the inanimate. - Author: Bruce Sterling
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#4. Every trick is an old one, but with a change of players, a change of dress, it comes out as new as before. - Author: Lady Gregory
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#5. Was already different because I was a twin. Funny how you can say that: I am a twin. Not I am one of twins, but I actually am A Twin. Like there's two of me all the time, this other one right here beside me whether you can see him or not. Or as if you're saying, I'm a Half. - Author: Niall Williams
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#6. Never honor the gods in one breath and take the gods for fools the next. - Author: Sophocles
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#7. Nudge threw her arms around my neck. 'I love you Max! I love all of us too!'
Yeah, me too,' Said the Gasman. 'I don't care if we have our house, or a cliff ledge, or a cardboard box. Home is wherever we all are, together. - Author: James Patterson
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#8. Flying monkeys?" the Gasman called out a guess. "Like in the Wizard of Oz?"
It dawned on me then. "No," I said tersely "Worse. Flying Erasers. - Author: James Patterson
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#9. When we love there is no reason why. - Author: Vanna Bonta
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#10. It's probably the most unpopular policy I'm responsible for. I know it is very unpopular, culling badgers. But I believe it is the right thing to do. You have to make choices as a politician. Sometimes it means doing something you know people don't like. - Author: David Cameron
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#11. It's wherever you are. If it's tapped into any of your senses, it knows where you are and what you're doing."
Oh no, I thought, my spirits sinking. I hadn't considered that. Did that mean nothing I did was ever anymore?
"Even in the bathroom?" the Gasman's eyes widened with surprise. - Author: James Patterson
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#12. Iggy nodded. "I'm bummed we couldn't use Big Boy," he said. "But I don't want to waste it. We have to actually see them first. I mean, you do."
"Maybe tomorrow," the Gasman said encouragingly. "We'll go see what havoc we've wreaked."
"Wrought. - Author: James Patterson
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#13. The Gasman leaned over and examined the tangled pile of stereo guts spread out on the kitchen table. "It looks like a robot came in here and threw up," he observed - Author: James Patterson
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#14. Max?" said the Gasman. "Are those, um, rats?"
Lovely. "Yes, those do appear to be either rats or mice on steroids," I said briskly, trying not to shriek and climb the walls like a girly-girl. - Author: James Patterson
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#15. President Bush says in the last month he has created 300,000 new jobs. Yeah, they're called Kerry campaign workers. - Author: Craig Kilborn
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#16. As an artist, I used to think that my responsibility was to do good work. But I had to learn from the '70s on that being a public figure presents another aspect of responsibility. - Author: Patti Smith
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#17. 8Those who make them become like them; so do all who trust in them. - Author: Anonymous
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#18. Witihin seconds the headhunter had lost control of his car and it squealed, sliding sideways right into several other cars.
Cool!' said the Gasman. - Author: James Patterson
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#19. YOU COULD LOCK the Gasman in a padded cell with some dental floss and a bowl of Jell-O, and he'd find a way to make something to explode. - Author: James Patterson
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