Top 33 Funny Jump Quotes

#1. Crashing is never funny, but sometimes you can jump up, laugh at your stupidity, and go, 'What the hell was that?'

Jens Voigt

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#2. On his world record triple jump - It's only jumping into a sandpit.

Jonathan Edwards

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#3. In men desire begets love, and in women love begets desire.

Jonathan Swift

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#4. When we were younger, my cousins used to jump in front of cars with masks on and start dancing really funny or making funny moves and the people in the cars would start laughing.

Leo Santa Cruz

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#5. Forgiveness is a funny thing. We act like it has to be earned, as if there are a certain number of hoops someone can jump through to make us forget that they hurt us. But forgiveness can't be earned! It can only be given freely, as a gift!

Louisa Edwards

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#6. On how to make the game more exciting - Eliminate the referees, raise the basket four feet, double the size of the basketball, limit the height of the players to 5 feet 9 inches, bring back the centre jump, allow taxi drivers in for free and allow the players to carry guns.

Al McGuire

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#7. If one official signals Falcons ball and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson signals Seahawks ball, is it a jump ball?

Norman Chad

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#8. In my experience, the romance novels written about BDSM have about as much in common with actual BDSM relationships as a child playing with a jump rope.

Nenia Campbell

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#9. For the godly poet must be chaste himself, but there is no need for his verses to be so.


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#10. So what can I really do? If you can jump through a two-story window, then what can I do?"
"You can do that too. You don't need wings to do it,either.

Courtney Allison Moulton

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#11. Mew - mew. Mew." I jump back from her finger swipes. "I am fluent in pussy, but I have no idea what this fucking means, Georgia.

Pella Grace

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#12. You know, it's a funny thing. The only Romance language Felipe doesn't happen to speak is Italian. But I go ahead and say it to him anyway, just as we're about to jump.
I say: 'Attraversiamo.'
Let's cross over.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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#13. Constant rhythmical movement is necessary to health and harmony. Much ill health is due to emotional congestion.

Emmet Fox

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#14. She bared her teeth at me. "Screw you, shifter!"
"Ah, is our honeymoon period over so quickly? You wanted to jump my bones just a second ago.

Cori Moore

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#15. I'm here today because I hated everything else.

Wanda Sykes

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#16. My wife made me join a bridge club ... I jump off next Tuesday.

Rodney Dangerfield

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#17. If you open that Pandora's Box you never know what Trojan 'orses will jump out.

Ernest Bevin

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#18. Tides is a rich, taut, suspenseful, and funny exploration of two worlds, selkie and human. It's full of mystery but it's also so fully imagined that a reader can jump right in. Betsy Cornwell is a terrific new talent with a boundless imagination.

Valerie Sayers

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#19. I love to swim. When I jump in the water, I feel like I'm 12 years old again. It's really funny how it does that to me.

Summer Sanders

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#20. A jump lead walks into a bar. The barman says "I'll serve you, but don't start anything."

Tommy Cooper

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#21. She ran after the garbage truck, yelling, "Am I too late for the garbage?" "No, jump in!"

Henny Youngman

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#22. I'd love to do a really juicy drama that's just really real. On the comedy side, I'd love to do something like '21 Jump Street.' I cannot stop watching that movie. Really funny, really extreme comedies are definitely my favorite.

Daniela Bobadilla

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#23. Cool isn't for sale at the bondage store. You make it up yourself, pull it outta your asshole, your own unique brand that starts when you're born, and when you die, it's gone.

Lynn Breedlove

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#24. I'm a practicing psychiatrist and I think that I really believe in the advances of psychiatry. Our diagnoses are more precise.

Jonathan Michel Metzl

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#25. Directing intention to alter energy and form means more than thinking we want to change. It means more than thinking about what we want to change. Like the shamans mentioned above, it requires us to engage body, heart and imagination. We must take on the qualities of what we desire or want to be.

Llyn Roberts

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#26. There is so much ignorant prejudice against bees in a dining-room.

Patrick O'Brian

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#27. Wasn't it what her father always warned her about? Don't jump off a bridge because a cute guy tells you to?

Joannah Miley

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#28. You're the only one for me.

My sun rises and sets on your smile.

My heart beats because yours does.

Elle Kennedy

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#29. I had just finished working on a play, and we started to talk to the 'Happy Endings' folks. There was interest from both sides, which was exciting, because I thought it was very fresh. Adam Pally's just a really funny, talented dude. I thought I'd be great to jump on and do some comedy.

James Wolk

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#30. I have a huge need for financial security; the emigrant in me has a fear of ending up homeless and in the gutter.

Ruth Behar

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#31. She felt as though she'd acquiesced in her own rape ...

Judith Rossner

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#32. even opened the box?" She parked her fists on her trim little hips. "I have had a very bad day." "Well, so have I." He grinned. "But you just made me laugh, so it's starting to improve." She gave him a glare. "I don't find this funny." He raised the can

Shirley Jump

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#33. I remember I was so depressed I was going to jump out a window on the tenth floor; they sent a priest up to talk to me and he said, ' On your mark ... '

Rodney Dangerfield

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