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#1. As an actor, it's fun to play guys who aren't just locked into a male pattern, but a lot of guys you're asked to play are fairly macho and have a certain rigid standard they're living by. - Author: Fred Ward
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#2. Somehow whether or not the war is winnable is beyond our scope, an irrelevant detail. We don't do it to win anymore; we do it because it's what we know how to do. Get ready to go. Get ready to come back. And the moments in between we mark on the calendar. It's our battle rhythm. - Author: Angela Ricketts
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#3. I think God isn't interested in intervening every time some little bad thing happens. God is interested in getting the message of good news and love and comfort and hope across through people like us, ordinary people, or extraordinary people like Bono. - Author: Philip Yancey
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#4. We bestow on others praise in which we do not believe, on condition that in return they bestow upon us praise in which we do. - Author: Jean Rostand
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#5. In the beginning Remo is a very New York street cop who changes and is changed as he moves along. - Author: Fred Ward
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#6. My career has been a bit strange. I don't think it took the normal route. - Author: Fred Ward
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#7. I always see the light at the end of the tunnel before I enter the cave - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
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#8. When we no longer are afraid of who we are we act from integrity and authenticity. - Author: Richard Strozzi-Heckler
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#9. I was just talking about women, just in terms of understanding them as much as we can ever understand the opposite sex. I'm trying to let go of certain male approaches to things that you inherit, that you grow up with. - Author: Fred Ward
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#10. If some woman tells me how she feels about something, my immediate assumption is that she wants an answer, or that she wants me to solve her problem. In fact, all she wants to do is share, or show how she feels. - Author: Fred Ward
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#11. There's nothing like castrating 20 pigs before lunch. I did that during school whenever the need arose. They'd call out the agricultural class and put us in trucks to go help the local farmers. - Author: Fred Ward
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#12. A person must always be ready to kindle the candle in their heart and fill the void in their soul by unveiling into a courageous, peaceful, and loving person. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#13. There was always a creative impulse in me but I never felt rooted to anything. - Author: Fred Ward
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#14. Don't just walk through the flames. Get your Fred Astaire on and DANCE through them. Joy is around everywhere, even when the night falls hard. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#15. I think we're struggling with trying to redefine various positions at this point in history. To allow freedom for women, freedom for men, freedom from those sharply defined gender roles. - Author: Fred Ward
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#16. Trying different things is very important to me. I see people and want to wear their clothes and drive in their cars for awhile. That's probably one reason I became an actor. - Author: Fred Ward
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#17. It's a major part of world history that men are trying to kill each other. It's just one slaughter after the other. We talk about it, but no one's really listening. - Author: Fred Ward
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#18. When you're a father, you know exactly where your heart really is. There's no question of it, no doubt. That part of your life has no second guessing. - Author: Fred Ward
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#19. I like to spread myself out. Since I was a kid, I always recognized some void. - Author: Fred Ward
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#20. It's like a prehistoric reflex, you know, going out and getting the meat and bringing it back to the cave. You feel you're supposed to make it better, but more than likely she's asking you to tell her how you feel. - Author: Fred Ward
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#21. Malia was a chocolate girl. Sexy, succulent chocolate that I could already imagine soothing my sweet tooth with. Charlotte wore her hair cut in a short pixie style, - Author: Alexandra Warren
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#22. I doing casual labor by the day. They wouldn't pay you until the next morning. There was a bar that would cash your check if you bought a beer first. A lot of guys never left until they'd drunk up all their money. - Author: Fred Ward
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#23. Where wages are not regulated by law, all that we can pretend to determine is what are the most usual; and experience seems to show that law can never regulate them properly, though it has often pretended to do so. - Author: Adam Smith
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#24. In this play we're dealing with relative truths - who's lying, who's telling the truth. But underneath that, Ed and I have hit this deeper level of intimacy between old friends that comes out in the play. - Author: Fred Ward
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#25. Scriptures and creeds may come to seem incredible, but faith will still go dancing on. - Author: Sydney Carter
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