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Top 21 Forgive Freely Quotes

#1. Your fellowship with God flows freely when you're willing to forgive, but it gets blocked by unforgiveness. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#2. Look inside yourself; there is always something special you can do today! Look around yourself; there is always someone special do it for! Don't spare what you have to share, show you care and dare not to make it rare! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#3. What we forgive too freely doesn't stay forgiven. - Author: Mignon McLaughlin
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#4. When filled with God's love, we can do and see and understand things that we could not otherwise do or see or understand. Filled with His love, we can endure pain, quell fear, forgive freely, avoid contention, renew strength, and bless and help others in ways surprising even to us. - Author: John H. Groberg
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#5. shall we refuse to the unhappy fugitives from distress that hospitality which the savages of the wilderness extended to our fathers arriving in this land? Shall oppressed humanity find no asylum on this globe? - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#6. Women are terrifying creatures who sometimes expect the men around us to read our minds. - Author: Molly Harper
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#7. My political enemies I can freely forgive; but as for who abused me when I was serving my country in the field, and those who attacked me for serving my country
Doctor, that is a different case. - Author: Andrew Jackson
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#8. To forgive freely, is what we owe to our enemy; to forget not, is what we owe to ourselves. - Author: Amelia Barr
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#9. However wretched her origins, she chose freely to continue her crimes against us from the moment she woke to this life. It is easy to forgive beautiful women, especially when they lay a sorrowful tale before you like a sugar-dusted meal. It does not mean they deserve forgiveness. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#10. If Gerry were dying of thirst and spotted Alex two feet from a well, he still would not think he required his younger brother's help. It simply would never occur to him that Alex might be able to provide it. - Author: Meredith Duran
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#11. If it's dark, it misses light. I'm not perfect, perhaps, I missed you. - Author: D.N. Joshi
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#12. It is pointless trying to know where the way leads. Think only about your first step, the rest will come. - Author: Shams Tabrizi
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#13. Never let anyone know what you're thinking - always know what the other thinks of you. - Author: Gregory David Roberts
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#14. Love grants us the power to forgive, to love when we're hurt, but it also gives us the courage to let go, and the understanding that to love, we love freely - at our own choice. - Author: J.C. Reed
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#15. [On David Hume]
Although he never admitted to being an atheist as such, he was clearly and unquestionably the most vividly elegant skeptic of them all. - Author: Jonathan Miller
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#16. We forgive freely or we do not really forgive at all. - Author: Lewis B. Smedes
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#17. I rest in the light of forgiveness. I forgive myself and others for that which is done (and better left undone) and also that which is not done (and better if done). I give myself permission to enjoy this moment without guilt. I freely release all uncertainty, regret, and fear. - Author: Mary Anne Radmacher
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#18. The sun should not set upon our anger, neither should he rise upon our confidence. We should forgive freely, but forget rarely. I will not be revenged, and this I owe to my enemy; but I will remember, and this I owe to myself. - Author: Charles Caleb Colton
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#19. Does not our lives consist of the four elements?"
"Faith, so they say; but I think it rather consists of eating and drinking. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#20. To bear ill-feelings torwards someone else is more damaging to the bearer than the recipient.

For your own sake forgive quickly and freely. - Author: Paul Wilson
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#21. Good Lord, I thought, squinting at the bright glare of a late-July morning. No wonder I slept through this. It was noisy with shrieking birds, and already hot. - Author: Kim Harrison
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