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#1. Yet this book is to prove that no matter how you travel, how 'successful' your tour, or foreshortened, you always learn something and learn to change your thoughts.

Jack Kerouac

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#2. It was said that the view through the open window above the urinal, straight across the Bay to the Silver Span, was the finest obtainable from such a position anywhere in the world, but today Philip kept his eyes down. Foreshortened, yes, definitely.

David Lodge

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#3. The good ending dismisses us with a touch of ceremony and throws a backward light of significance over the story just read. It makes it, as they say, or unmakes it. A weak beginning is forgettable, but the end of a story bulks in the reader's mind like the giant foot in a foreshortened photograph.

John Updike

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#4. No matter what they are in life, in memory they always seem to rearrange themselves in the opposite manner. All pleasures are seen as foreshortened and hasty and fleeting, and all pain lingering.

Margaret George

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#5. The Catholic Church with its foreshortened American history and tangled puritanical roots was as inviolate to my mother and father as it was to the last-ditch aristocrats of Evelyn Waugh.

Maureen Howard

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#6. My world foreshortened, flattening into a credit card. Seen head on, things seemed merely skewed, but from the side the view was virtually meaningless
a one-dimensional wafer. Everything about me may have been crammed in there, but it was only plastic. Indecipherable except to some machine.

Haruki Murakami

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#7. Our species will never run out of fools but I dare say that there have been at least as many credulous idiots who professed faith in god as there have been dolts and simpletons who concluded otherwise.

Christopher Hitchens

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#8. if she'd learned nothing else over the past few years, she knew that things were not always as they appeared. Success and money had nothing to do with happiness. Hustle and bustle didn't mean better. And simple wasn't synonymous with boring.

Laura Bradford

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#9. Spread happiness among people. Ultimately, that's the most valuable thing. Whatever amount of money you have, if you do not have peace, it is of no use.

Rashmi Bansal

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#10. I try to eat a lot of baked foods, fish, chicken, potatoes, stuff like that. Grab me a Muscle Milk. That helps.

Adrian Peterson

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#11. Our suppressing who we are to fit in is exhausting. It kills flow and creativity. It also prevents genuine connection with others.

Henna Inam

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#12. Countess Bezukhova quite deserved her reputation of being a fascinating woman. She could say what she did not think - especially what was flattering - quite simply and naturally.

Leo Tolstoy

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#13. Wait. are they really going to - "
"Head butt each other until one passes out or dies of blood on the brain? Yep. They really are."
"And they protect our queen and lands. How reassuring.

G.A. Aiken

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#14. I saw a want ad. "light housekeeping." They said "Here, change this bulb." I said "I'll need some friends."

Steven Wright

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#15. In dating, the question is how many Tinder knockoffs are we going to have, and are any of them going to take off?

Sam Yagan

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#16. If you align expectations with reality, you will never be disappointed.

Terrell Owens

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#17. True evil is unlikely to receive an invitation from us, so it clothes itself in just enough truth to make itself look appealing and then it looks to unpeel us.

Craig D. Lounsbrough

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#18. You can either delay or speed up the inevitable; but you cannot prevent it from staying the course.

Joan Ambu

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#19. I will not leave you until I have seen you hanged.


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