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Top 30 Football Captain Quotes

#1. At 17, I already had responsibility because I took care of my family, but in the football I was young; I wasn't experienced or the captain - I was just in the team. - Author: Pele
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#2. Often it is children who tell their parents to put away the cell phone at dinner. - Author: Sherry Turkle
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#3. He's pulling him off! The Spanish manager is pulling his captain off - Author: George Hamilton
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#4. I was captain of Wales; I've been captain of numerous football clubs. - Author: Vinnie Jones
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#5. Was it harder to die, or harder to be the one who survived? - Author: Ruta Sepetys
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#6. I didn't win prom king. By that point, I'd quit sports except for soccer, so I was really just a theater guy. I totally lost to the captain of the football team. - Author: Patrick Wilson
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#7. The judgment that human life is worth living, or rather can and ought to be made worth living, ... underlies all intellectual effort; it is the a priori of social theory, and its rejection (which is perfectly logical) rejects theory itself. - Author: Herbert Marcuse
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#8. Talking of first times Stephanie, I bet your first time was really memorable for you and the captain ot the football team .. and the basketball team .. and the softball team, the track team, the chess club and the pool boy! - Author: Chris Jericho
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#9. Globalisation has in effect made the citizen disappear, and it has reduced the state into being a mere instrument of global capital. - Author: Vandana Shiva
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#10. The books I used to love as a kid, I used to read football books - and by that I mean soccer books - stories about boys in school who started to play football and then became the captain. I'd read them cover to cover. I just got lost in them. - Author: Ben Lloyd-Hughes
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#11. Sit around the bars, talked to people, ate in the restaurants, and chatted with the old ladies on the street. Fishermen are pretty much that way. - Author: Donna Leon
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#12. It made me feel almost giddy, like a high-school girl watching the captain of the football team worked up his nerve to ask for a date. You mean me? Little old me? Oh my stars, really? Pardon me while I flutter my eyelashes. - Author: Jeff Lindsay
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#13. Don't date the captain of the football team; be the captain of the football team. - Author: Courtney Love
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#14. Adora you're not telling the truth. Go back to your husband and pay gross devotion to your marriage and family. Edochie is an angel. Only agberos would watch football and transfer aggression to their wives, not a captain. - Author: S.A. David
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#15. People have to be educated and they have to stick to it. If people lose that respect, an awful lot is lost. - Author: Stephen Breyer
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#16. Will fight for you until you can fight for yourself. You hear - Author: Laura Kaye
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#17. I've been playing American football since I was six years old. I was a captain of my high school team, playing strong safety. - Author: Gabriel Luna
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#18. I feel myself inhabited by a force or being
very little known to me. It gives the orders; I follow. - Author: Jean Cocteau
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#19. Children should have enough freedom to be themselves - once they've learned the rules. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#20. Colorful characters are the odd shaped pieces that fill the holes in life's puzzle. - Author: Richard Stephens
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#21. I think everyone in their life has some point on their life wanted to be like everybody else or wanted to be like the captain of the football team. - Author: Marc-Andre Grondin
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#22. Michael literally couldn't remember the last time he had seen his parents. - Author: James Dashner
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#23. I had a lot of anger because I wasn't happy with the way I had been raised. - Author: Patrick Swayze
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#24. Okay, I know he was captain of the football team and he could bake a cake - that didn't mean I was ready to suck his finger. I was picky about what I put in my mouth. "I'll wait," I told him. "Wouldn't want to spoil my appetite. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#25. At 15, 16, you think you're going to be captain of England. But I realised it wasn't going to happen for me on a windy November night in Darlington, coming to my peak at the age of 23 but still playing for Mansfield Town. - Author: Aidy Boothroyd
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#26. I was meant to date the captain of the football team, I was going to be on a romantic excursion every Saturday night, I was destined to be collecting corsages from every boy in town before prom, accepting such floral offerings like competing sacrifices to a Delphic goddess. - Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel
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#27. She'd call us her bee-utiful girls and take us for hot chocolate on Mondays, because Fridays didn't deserve all the attention. It was funny. I used to think of myself as a Monday and Ellen as a Friday. But Mondays and Fridays were just twenty-four-hour stretches of time with different names. - Author: Julie Murphy
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#28. I actually was the captain of the football team. I went to Catalina Foothills High School, and I played football all four years. I started on Varsity my sophomore year, and senior year I was captain. - Author: Parker Young
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#29. Do what nature now requires. Set thyself in motion, if it is in thy power, and do not look about thee to see if any one will observe it; nor yet expect Plato's Republic: but be content if the smallest thing goes on well, and consider such an event to be no small matter. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
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#30. When I was a teen, I was never really into the captain of the football team or the student body president. The guys I liked were quirky and different: They listened to music I'd never heard of, never had lunch or gas money, and could always make you laugh. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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