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#1. Love is strong as the Death; jealousies are as cruel as the tomb..


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#2. Female hysteria is a subject I'm very fond of. I always try to bring it in somewhere. For me, it is the finest part of the line between comedy and tragedy.

Rachel Cusk

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#3. There are also many instances where people hostile to the Soviet state are attempting by means of deceit and provocation to poison the minds of our citizens and compel them to believe in monstrous lies.

Filipp Golikov

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#4. The most altruistic man is the most selfish.

Abraham Lincoln

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#5. I really liked the design of Batman. I liked the concept. There's a lot more you can do with Batman than most other superheroes.

Chip Kidd

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#6. We can find reasons to dislike anyone. But it's what you focus on and appreciate in a person that cultivates a positive relationship.

David J. Lieberman

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#7. Tailor Made will help Ferrari's clients tailor their cars in a very personal, specific way. It's a bespoke service, like visiting Huntsman or Anderson & Sheppard or whoever your favourite Savile Row tailor is.

Lapo Elkann

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#8. I've done some things that I shouldn't have done but I know I'm not a bad person, and I know that I can become a better person ... Only thing I can do is work at it.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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