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#1. My theory was that a city without a newspaper is a city without a soul. - Author: Luis A. Ferre
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#2. As an architect, I learned to think and express myself on flat forms, on paper, and to imagine the contour of the lines of a design. - Author: Gianfranco Ferre
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#3. I am a very optimistic man and only an optimistic man can bring optimism in the country. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#4. Industry is not a collection of machines and tools and buildings. It is a social entity that has the responsibility of realizing the happiness of those who work in it. - Author: Luis A. Ferre
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#5. A man who experiences no genuine satisfaction in life does not want peace. Men court war to escape meaninglessness and boredom, to be relieved of fear and frustration. - Author: Nels Fredrick Solomon Ferre
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#6. Not only are Puerto Ricans citizens by birth, but one would be hard-pressed to find a Puerto Rican without a sister in New York or a son in Chicago, a cousin in Orlando or a daughter in Honolulu or Oklahoma City. - Author: Luis A. Ferre
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#7. I am also actively involved in my church and its community activities. We have programs to improve the lives of our congregation and programs of outreach in the community. - Author: Samuel Wilson
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#8. The design of a dress, furniture, a house, a room, a street and a city are all the same process. - Author: Gianfranco Ferre
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#9. We work well together with the United Kingdom - particularly, perhaps, when we talk about new rules for the European Union. - Author: Angela Merkel
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#10. Too indolent to bear the toil of writing; I mean of writing well; I say nothing about quantity.
[Lat., Piger scribendi ferre laborem;
Scribendi recte, nam ut multum nil moror.] - Author: Horace
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#11. I write because I am poorly adjusted to reality. ("The Writer's Kitchen") - Author: Rosario Ferre
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#12. Every country that aspires to become a nation needs its heroes, its eminent civic and moral leaders, and if it doesn't have them, it's our duty to invent them. - Author: Rosario Ferre
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#13. A time of disarray is also a moment of opportunity. - Author: Frederick Ferre
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#14. We must be willing to forgive without limit even as God forgives; otherwise we cannot be forgiven. - Author: Nels Fredrick Solomon Ferre
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#15. In worship we meet the power of God and stand in its strengthening. - Author: Nels Fredrick Solomon Ferre
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#16. Don't be stupid, Katra. Never speak in anger and never try to force your will onto someone else. You'll never find peace in that. (Acheron) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#17. Love helps us develop an identity secure enough to allow itself to be placed in another's care and protection. - Author: Don DeLillo
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#18. Sometimes it's necessary to believe in love, even if it doesn't exist ... - Author: Rosario Ferre
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#19. A story is like building a chapel; a novel is a cathedral ... - Author: Rosario Ferre
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#20. Perry," he said quietly, his fingers trailing down the side of my face, "you'll never have to save my life. You gave me life. I never lived a single day until the first day I met you. - Author: Karina Halle
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#21. Our love for the dead, like a floating iceberg, can only be measured by the depths of our resentments. - Author: Rosario Ferre
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#22. I hope I will live to see a final meeting of the minds between Puerto Rico and statehood, but [even] if I don't live that long, I am certain it will happen. - Author: Luis A. Ferre
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#23. To negotiate is not to do as one likes. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#24. Our needs cancel each other out, and that's as solid a base for love as any. - Author: Rosario Ferre
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#25. Ellen, not for the wide world! But while she said it, madam - I was looking in her glass; of course, she didn't know I could see her - she put her little hand on her heart just like her dear mother used to, and lifted her eyes ... Oh, madam! - Author: Katherine Mansfield
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#26. A fragrance always combines femininity and sensuality. - Author: Gianfranco Ferre
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#27. Teams are going to try to hit me because they think I can't take a hit. I think I've proven over my career that I can. - Author: Robert Griffin III
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#28. Death is a woman, and for that reason she's courageous and just, and never makes distinctions between mortals; she'll crush the ignorant, the arrogant, and the wise alike under her icy foot. - Author: Rosario Ferre
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#29. Almost every script that I've gotten has been for sort of the generic Hollywood type. I haven't chosen them. All the ones I have chosen are because I've been fascinated with the source material or because of the script. - Author: Ben Barnes
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#30. I am concerned that many young people in the Hemisphere seem to envision the United States as a nation intoxicated by power, addicted to warfare, controlled by a military-industrial complex, and determined to preserve the status quo, that we are against rapid economic and social growth. - Author: Luis A. Ferre
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#31. To carry timber into the wood.
[Lat., In silvam ligna ferre.] - Author: Horace
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#32. Revolutionary in my ideas, liberal in my objectives and conservative in my methods. - Author: Luis A. Ferre
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