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Top 10 Feeling Burdened Quotes

#1. I assumed it was someone trying to sell me something. They're always calling to sell. Once they said if I sent in a check for $99 I'd be pre-approved for a credit card, and I said, Right, sure, and if I step under a pigeon I'm preapproved for a load of shit - Author: Nicole Krauss
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#2. Feeling burdened rather than uplifted by everyday duties is more a mindset than a measure of what is going on in your life. - Author: Kelly McGonigal
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#3. In these confused times, the role of classical music is at the very core of the struggle to reassert cultural and ethical values that have always characterized our country and for which we have traditionally been honored and respected outside our shores. - Author: Lorin Maazel
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#4. Don't you feel that our brief hurried letters
lack feeling and spirit,
contain no whispers or dreams of love ,
that our responses are slow and burdened . . . - Author: Samih Al-Qasim
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#5. The first condition a community should set, if it aspires to be a nation, is to own the land whereon it lives, and supply its own needs. - Author: Max Nordau
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#6. There is no contradiction between loving someone and feeling burdened by that person; indeed, love tends to magnify the burden. - Author: Andrew Solomon
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#7. Jesus never claims to prevent us from feeling "weary and burdened." He simply invites the weary and burdened to find rest in Him. Like - Author: Nathan Davis
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#8. God has ways of shaking the world when He is at work. He literally caused the ground to quake when Jesus died on the cross. - Author: Charles Stanley
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#9. Just as we can play beautiful music only when the strings on the violin are in proper tension, so we can grow only when we are stretched from what we are to what we can be. There is no growth without tension. - Author: J. Grant Howard
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#10. Getting typecast is a dangerous thing to do. - Author: Michael Zaslow
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