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#1. I am sometimes accused of being a dictator because I provoked the extraordinary elections by nominating the interim government. Can you imagine any dictator who provokes free elections in his own country? - Author: Milos Zeman
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#2. No, I don't know why Bobby and Peter Farrelly bothered with a 'Three Stooges' movie, either. But if they're anything like some men I know, their love for Moe, Larry, and Curly (and an assortment of fourth bananas) is deep, abiding, and unembarrassable. In other words: How could the Farrellys not? - Author: Wesley Morris
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#3. He who would be singular in his apparel had need have something superlative to balance that affectation. - Author: Owen Feltham
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#4. Self-pity is just sadness, I think, in the pejorative. - Author: Renata Adler
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#5. Our shared conservative values, our belief in the individual is the great hope of our nation. - Author: Rick Perry
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#6. The four of us couldn't have made a record with the time left over when we were shooting the show. We were on stage from 7.30 in the morning 'til 7 at night. Later on, when there was a break from filming, and we were sick of doing it the old way. - Author: Peter Tork
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#7. Are you in love with me, the me I am right now?"
"Well not right now," he said, brooding. "Right now you're kinda mean."
-Tara and Logan - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#8. We all get our dreams stamped on from time to time, right? And if it didn't hurt, what kind of second-rate dreams would they be? - Author: Richard K. Morgan
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#9. I get a little angry about this highhanded scrapping of the look of things. What else have we to go by? How else can the average person form an opinion of a girl's sense of values or even of her chastity except by the looks of her conduct? - Author: Margaret Culkin Banning
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#10. New technologies make it possible for even the mass marketer to assume the role of a small proprietor, doing business again wit individuals, one at a time. - Author: Don Peppers
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