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#1. We might have had a long way to go, sitting in an ER room with a broken dick, but that didn't matter. - Author: River Savage
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#2. I always like playing the bad guys. They have more fun! - Author: James Badge Dale
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#3. I'm scared to fall asleep. I don't want to see it... - Author: Rebecca Ybarra
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#4. Rather than concentrating on what you should have done, concentrate on what you can do now. - Author: Rachel Van Dyken
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#5. My words are little jars For you to take and put upon a shelf. Their shapes are quaint and beautiful, And they have many pleasant colours and lustres To recommend them. Also the scent from them fills the room With sweetness of flowers and crushed grasses. - Author: Amy Lowell
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#6. In the morning, I wake up and salute the sun. I am grateful for the sun; it gives me hope that after every scary night it will rise to brighten me - The Beggar's Dance. - Author: Farida Somjee
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#7. I believe in absolutely nothing except yeast and the inevitability of politicians. - Author: Kerry Greenwood
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#8. I think it's very much a men's thing to be able to have that fantasy to kill the beast. - Author: Izabella Scorupco
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#9. Once again I was astounded by her; even though she was a woman, she seemed to have no scruples about what happened to us. Was is just because we didn't pray to the same God? - Author: Farida Khalaf
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#10. The only thing that I am concerned with in life is being an artist .. I had to suppress for so many years in high school because I was made fun of but now I'm completely insulated in my box of insanity and I can do whatever I like. - Author: Lady Gaga
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#11. I've written books for awhile, but always on a pretty small scale and always pretty self-indulgent. I chose projects that I thought would be really fun to work on and found friends to work on them with me, and it was all about the process. - Author: Chelsea Cain
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#12. The only reason for mastering technique is to make sure the body does not prevent the soul from expressing itself. - Author: La Meri
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#13. Google is fascinating, and the book isn't finished. I'm creating, living, building, and writing those chapters. - Author: Susan Wojcicki
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