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#1. Let others, worn with living / And living's aftermath, / Take Sleep to heal the heart's distress, / Take Love to be their comfortress, / Take Song or Food or Fancy Dress, / But I shall take a Bath. - Author: Phyllis McGinley
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#2. No one can penetrate me. They only see what's in their own fancy, always. - Author: Ray Davies
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#3. What does homophobia look like when it's stripped bare of fancy costumes like family values and tradition? It looks like that group of strange, angry people who protest at the funerals of U.S. soldiers who've died fighting for our country. - Author: Jane Velez-Mitchell
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#4. And long shall timorous fancy see The painted chief, and pointed spear, And Reason's self shall bow the knee To shadows and delusions here. - Author: Philip Freneau
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#5. I have high heels in my bags if I need them for a shoot. But I like sneakers. I like being comfortable. I like to sit on the floor with my team and work. I don't like to sit in fancy chairs. It's really important to the culture of my company that people understand who they're working for. - Author: Bobbi Brown
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#6. Never on painter's canvas lives
The charm of his fancy's dream. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#7. It's really beautiful. But you know, fancy footwear is a pain! - Author: Sarah Michelle Gellar
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#8. You may be a person I admire, but you can't be a person that everyone admires. You are not everyone's favourite, but you are someone's favourite whether you like them or not. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#9. I didn't really notice that he had a funny nose.
And he certainly looked better all dressed up in fancy clothes.
He's not nearly as attractive as he seemed the other night.
So I think I'll just pretend that this glass slipper feels too tight. - Author: Judith Viorst
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#10. I visited a friend in Leicester recently. It was 4am and we all ran around in a circle, six of us. It's the most fun I've had since i was seven. And I thought: it's not about drink, or drugs, or fancy clubs. It's about running around in your socks, changing direction in a front room in Leicester. - Author: Noel Fielding
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#11. Roarke "I'll drop you." Eve "No, better I catch a cab or take the underground. This guy sees me show up in a hot car with a fancy piece behind the wheel, he's not going to like me." Roarke "You know how I love being referred. to as your fancy piece." Eve "Sometimes you're my love muffin. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#12. I think many of the boundaries that convention has placed upon us are arbitrary, so we can fiddle with them if we fancy. Gravity's hard to dispute, and breathing, but a lot of things we instinctively obey are a lot of old tosh. - Author: Russell Brand
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#13. I've never had a plan. You look for different actors you want to work with or different subjects you want to explore, or sometimes it's just a momentary fancy. - Author: Michelle Forbes
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#14. They retain their egotism, and add to it many other egos. They are forced to have more than one life. They become more highly organized, and to be highly organized is, I should fancy, the object of man's existence. Besides, - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#15. Fancy computers are engaging in legalized front-running. The profits are clearly coming from the rest of us - our college endowments and our pensions. Why is this legal? What the hell is the government thinking? It's like letting rats into a restaurant. - Author: Charlie Munger
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#16. I don't even use italics or boldface; that's clutter, not clarity. Fancy fonts are fine for blogs, just as calligraphy is fine for diaries. But when you're writing for anyone other than yourself, you want to get as universal as possible. - Author: Andrew Vachss
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#17. Little Joe was still behind him. Eli could feel it. He wanted to look back, but he couldn't. The tears were too close. If he were Fancy, he'd turn around and kick and buck and moo and do just about anything to keep his calf near. But Eli wasn't Fancy; he was a farmer. - Author: Sandra Neil Wallace
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#18. By mid-November, his protests notwithstanding, whiskers began sprouting from his face. A few weeks later, his assistant private secretary, John Hay, approvingly punned: Election news Abe's hirsute fancy warrant - Apparent hair becomes heir apparent.44 - Author: Harold Holzer
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#19. I still believe in the old-school show thing no frills, no fancy equipment just a guitar and some amps and some drums, and throw it out there and do it the best you can in a live sense, because it's easy to make records. But the live show is where you really show if you've got the balls to do it. - Author: Shelby Lynne
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#20. So that's who Finnick loves, I think. Not his string of fancy lovers in the Capitol. But a poor, mad girl back home. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#21. Oh, fancy! All these. I really have forgotten a lot of these. Oh, here's The Amulet and here's The Psamayad. Here's The New Treasure Seekers. Oh, I love all those. No, don't put them in shelves yet, Albert. I think I'll have to read them first. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#22. I always see celebs in very weird spots. I don't always go to fancy-shmancy places, but I see celebs at coffee shops or random stores, when you're looking for a sweater and turn around like, 'OMG, that's Fred Savage!' - Author: Ross Mathews
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#23. For Sunday breakfast, I make orange and ricotta pancakes, crepes and eggs. You know men, we usually go for breakfast because it's the easiest thing to cook and then we try to make it seem fancy. - Author: Hugh Jackman
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#24. I wash the clothes, rinse them and then scrub them again. Will that square little box do that? I am not using any fancy machines when my hands will do. - Author: Renita D'Silva
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#25. Well, fancy that." His lover's favourite expression curled, sardonic, from Gamelyn's lips. - Author: J. Tullos Hennig
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#26. It's nice when women fancy me, but I think I will only disappoint them so I prefer it if they don't know who I am. - Author: Rufus Sewell
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#27. Grampa's long beard was serving as a bookmark in a well-thumbed paperback with a Western-themed cover. I never knew what would catch Grampa's fancy in the book department. He was as likely to be caught reading a gothic romantic suspense as he was a snowblower repair manual. - Author: Jessie Crockett
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#28. I'm good at embroidery. It's what I always wanted to do ... Yep, instead of whoring, I just wanted to do fancy embroidery. - Author: Lillian Hellman
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#29. No fickleness in flight like that of wind or women's fancy, - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#30. And strategy is just a fancy word for a special kind of common sense, the ability to see options, to make them where there were none. It's not about knowing the rules. It's about knowing how to break them. - Author: V.E Schwab
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#31. Fancy clipped a scrap of newsprint to her canvas and wrote, I don't have friends.
Ilan's hand covered hers briefly as he plucked the charcoal from her hand and wrote beneath her words, you have me. - Author: Dia Reeves
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#32. It is not that Shakespeare's art is in technicolor and fancy, and that real life is black and white and tedious. The life that Shakespeare was living was the only life he had, and he had to use it to create what he was doing. - Author: Stephen Greenblatt
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#33. If you want to say you got to take a woman out to a fancy restaurant, I write songs about hey I'm not taking you to a fancy restaurant, I wanna take you to McDonald's. - Author: Kool Keith
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#34. That's the problem with boys: They tend to help you only 'cause they fancy you, but there's no unembarrassing way to find out their real motives till it's too late. - Author: David Mitchell
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#35. What's wrong with lust? You fancy your neighbor's husband so what are you supposed to do? Poke your eyes out so that you can't see him anymore? Acting on it is maybe a sin ... but my God, just lusting after someone? Is that so bad? - Author: Emma Goldman
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#36. If I can play one note and make you cry, then that's better than those fancy dancers playing twenty notes. - Author: Robbie Robertson
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#37. A lot of celebrities just want money, fame, power, fancy cars, houses all over the world and have people bow down to them. To me, that's frightful behaviour. - Author: Shirley Manson
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#38. Don't ever know who you may meet, or just because a person may not be dressed up all fancy, don't mean they're not an important person. You just don't ever know who you're gonna meet in life. So that's why I look at everybody as equal. Can't just judge. I treat everybody with respect. Every man. - Author: Floyd Mayweather Jr.
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#39. This is where the privileged send their screwed-up progeny; no gluing macaroni to construction paper for us." He paused meaningfully. "They only let us CREATE with RICCIOLINI here."
"I don't even know what that is."
"It's very fancy, I assure you - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#40. I have no desire to dress up my poetry and make it fancy. I want the poem to be as true as humanly possible to the feeling that inspired it. That's my only concern. Everything else seems wrong. - Author: Adelia Prado
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#41. World-comedy of Love's contriving - naive fools of fancy, passionately weaving the cords that are to strangle passion. - Author: Henrik Ibsen
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#42. My mother gave me an Oscar de la Renta Gone with the Wind ballgown dress. I've never had a place to wear it out to because it's so old-fashioned fancy and beautiful, so I need to find a place to wear it but if I don't, I'll still keep it forever. - Author: Elizabeth Jagger
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#43. Descend lower, descend only
Into the world of perpetual solitude,
World not world, but that which is not world,
Internal darkness, deprivation
And destitution of all property,
Desiccation of the world of sense,
Evacuation of the world of fancy,
Inoperancy of the world of spirit; - Author: T. S. Eliot
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#44. When I try to classify my earliest impressions, I find that fact and fancy look alike across the years that link the past with the present. The woman paints the child's experience in her own fantasy. - Author: Helen Keller
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#45. Your fancy alien train is broken?"
"My fancy alien material transfer system has been sitting unused for over a billion years and half the planet just exploded. Your ship was built less than a decade ago and you can barely keep the coffee pot running."
"You are a sad, bitter little man. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#46. I adore going to a very, very fancy restaurant - as long as the spirit is genuine, like it's their pleasure to welcome you. - Author: Danny Meyer
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#47. I'm single, footloose and fancy free, I have no responsibilities, no anchors. Work, friendship and self-improvement, that's me. - Author: Joel Edgerton
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#48. You don't get recognized that much unless you want to get recognized, like if you go to the fancy joints and that. It's like, L.A. - there are 10 restaurants. If you want to be seen, you go. - Author: Travis Fimmel
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#49. Rules serve no purpose; they can only do harm. Not only must the artist's mind be clear, it must also be free. His fancy should not be hindered and weighed down by a mechanical servility to such rules. - Author: Federico Zuccari
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#50. By fancy's aid I see the lightning fly, And the hoarse thunder roll along the sky. - Author: John Ramsay
Fancy's Quotes #384189
#51. We can't handle violence in women characters but we CAN handle what's done to women in our present tense every second of the day worldwide? Or next door? Or in political or medical discourse? Please. That idea just makes me want to crap on a table at a very fancy restaurant. - Author: Lidia Yuknavitch
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#52. I need to be looked after. I'm not talking about diamond rings and nice restaurants and fancy stuff - in fact, that makes me uncomfortable. I didn't grow up with it, and it's not me, you know. But I need someone to say to me, 'Shall I run you a bath?' or 'Let's go to the pub, just us.' - Author: Kate Winslet
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#53. It makes you realize how basically everything we do comes down to a) mating or b) competing for resources. It's just like Animal Planet, only we've got Cover Girl and Victoria's Secret instead of colored feathers and fancy markings, and the violence occurs at the Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale. - Author: Deb Caletti
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#54. My goal was to do anything that would lead to a job. I know that writing would not lead to a job. It's too fancy for me. My biggest goal was to be an office receptionist, answer phones. I didn't expect to go beyond that. - Author: Anchee Min
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#55. Well, you know I have an office, my film offices. So I know that syndrome. I fancy offices, so there must be something wrong with me. Even the window cleaner intrigues me. It's a very sexy environment. - Author: Hugh Grant
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#56. When it comes to scrapes, I'm what you might call a talented amateur. But I've gotten a good look at that women in and out of that fancy mechanical shell she wears. She's a pro. We're not playing the same sport. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#57. It's all her fancy: she never executes nobody, you know. - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#58. Reason, indeed, may oft complain For Nature's sad reality, And tell the suffering heart how vain Its cherished dreams must always be; And Truth may rudely trample down The flowers of Fancy, newly-blown: - Author: Charlotte Bronte
Fancy's Quotes #107040
#59. I'm not a detective from Baker Street or an old lady who solves crimes while she's knitting in an easy chair. I'm just a book girl. So I can't make a deduction, only take a flight of fancy
er, forget I said that. I meant, I can only take a guess. - Author: Mizuki Nomura
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#60. Yeah, I fancy women big time ... I check them out more than I check men out. Maybe I would want to sleep with a woman ... Not Beyonce, although I like the look of her, I don't think she's that dirty. - Author: Billie Piper
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#61. Writer's block' is just a fancy way of saying 'I don't feel like doing any work today. - Author: Meagan Spooner
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#62. I don't take fancy vacations. I buy all my jewelry at Claire's. I can't remember the last time I went out to a fancy dinner. My family lives in a modest two-bedroom apartment, and my kids share a bedroom. But I do have one extravagant vice: shoes. - Author: Nancy Lublin
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#63. I wanted to ruffle this man's pretty feathers. Then I wanted to pluck them out and make a fancy headband. - Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
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#64. It's not whiteness itself that sets Them against Us, but the worship of whiteness. Same goes if you swap whiteness out for other things
fancy possessions for sure, pedigree, maybe youth too ... we beat Them (and spare ourselves a lot of tedium and terror) by declining to worship. - Author: Helen Oyeyemi
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#65. It's all his fancy, that: he hasn't got no sorrow, you know. Come on! - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#66. If that thy fame with ev'ry toy be pos'd, 'Tis a thin web, which poysonous fancies make; But the great souldier's honour was compos'd Of thicker stuf, which would endure a shake. Wisdom picks friends; civility plays the rest; A toy shunn'd cleanly passeth with the best. - Author: George Herbert
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#67. Gone are the days when women were attracted by a man's hansomeness. Today, we are talking about cash, and your compromise to become a tiger in bed. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#68. I'm a simple guy. There's nothing fancy about my life. - Author: Carlos Delgado
Fancy's Quotes #69690
#69. The difference is as great between The optics seeing as the objects seen. All manners take a tincture from our own; Or come discolor'd through out passions shown; Or fancy's beam enlarges, multiplies, Contracts, inverts, and gives ten thousand dyes. - Author: Alexander Pope
Fancy's Quotes #62614
#70. God gets it. When you reach out to him, he's not looking for fancy words that would impress your English teacher. He sees your heart. A groan, a look, a sigh - he speaks every language. He understands. - Author: Max Lucado
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#71. Pre-mature ejaculation. Let's talk about it. Pre-mature ejaculation. That's a pretty fancy term for, Ooooooh Oh no. This has never happened before. - Author: Dave Attell
Fancy's Quotes #60514
#72. Pittsburgh isn't fancy, but it is real. It's a working town and money doesn't come easy. I feel as much a part of this city as the cobblestone streets and the steel mills, people in this town expect an honest day's work, and I've it to them for a long, long time. - Author: Willie Stargell
Fancy's Quotes #36380
#73. What I think is all I have left. My mind is the only thing that makes me different from a fancy toaster. What we think does matter-it's all we truly have. - Author: Mary E. Pearson
Fancy's Quotes #24765
#74. At the end of day, what matters most to God, what moves His heart, isn't our fancy words and impressive possessions - it's the condition of our hearts. - Author: Victoria Osteen
Fancy's Quotes #13536
#75. Writer's block is a fancy term made up by whiners so they can have an excuse to drink alcohol. - Author: Steve Martin
Fancy's Quotes #8456
#76. I can make fried tofu, boiled tofu, stuffed tofu. Cutlets and other fancy stuff, that's for other directors. - Author: Yasujiro Ozu
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#77. Fancy thinking the Beast was something you could hunt and kill! You knew, didn't you? I'm part of you? Close, close, close! I'm the reason why it's no go? Why things are what they are? - Author: William Golding
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#78. They DO live more in earnest, more in themselves, and less in surface, change, and frivolous external things. I could fancy a love for life here almost possible; and I was a fixed unbeliever in any love of a year's standing. - Author: Emily Bronte
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#79. I love dressing up around the holidays! My friends also really like to get dressed up. It's an excuse to get fancy. - Author: Beth Riesgraf
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#80. A lot of people have fancy things to say about customer service, but it's just a day-in, day-out, ongoing, never-ending, persevering, compassionate kind of activity. - Author: Christopher McCormick
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#81. Spare me the articles about how nice Shawcross is because that was a horrendous tackle. People say we don't fancy the physical side of it, but this is the result. If you see a player getting injured like that, it's not acceptable. - Author: Arsene Wenger
Fancy's Quotes #221603
#82. I know exactly what Luke's doing. He's trying to push me and Suze together so we can make up. Which is really sweet of him. But I feel like a panda being told to mate with another panda that clearly doesn't fancy me. - Author: Sophie Kinsella
Fancy's Quotes #220602
#83. Man's home is nature; his purposes and aims are dependent for execution upon natural conditions. Separated from such conditions they become empty dreams and idle indulgences of fancy. - Author: John Dewey
Fancy's Quotes #216106
#84. If you take away the fancy graphics of today's games, most of the time you're left with a shell of a game that has been done to death a million times. - Author: Herman Leonard
Fancy's Quotes #208517
#85. For poetry, he's past his prime,
He takes an hour to find a rhyme;
His fire is out, his wit decayed,
His fancy sunk, his muse a jade.
I'd have him throw away his pen,
But there's no talking to some men. - Author: Jonathan Swift
Fancy's Quotes #206801
#86. Fighting is in my very bones. I don't have any fancy, noble reason like anger at my fate. I'm just like a gamecock that launches itself into battle after meaningless battle. I like fighting. That's why I can't stop. - Author: Nahoko Uehashi
Fancy's Quotes #194144
#87. What is his sorrow?" [ ... ] "It's all his fancy, that: he hasn't got no sorrow, you know. - Author: Lewis Carroll
Fancy's Quotes #189689
#88. I fancy that most of those who think at all have done a great deal of their thinking in the first fourteen years. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#89. My songs, they have just the one chord, there's none of that fancy stuff you hear now, with lots of chords in one song. If I find another chord I leave it for another song. - Author: Junior Kimbrough
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#90. They say revenge is a dish best eaten cold, but for most people, by the time it's ready to eat, they just don't fancy it any more. - Author: Jo Brand
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#91. Falling stars are high examples sent To warn, not lure. Gross fancy says they are Substantial meteors; but that is not so. They are the merest phantasies of Night, When she's asleep, and, dimly visited By past effects, she dreams of Lucifer Hurled out of Heaven. - Author: Alfred Austin
Fancy's Quotes #166051
#92. I don't know myself, what to do, where to go ... I lie in the crack of a book for my comfort ... it's what the world offers ... please leave me alone to dream as I fancy. - Author: William H Gass
Fancy's Quotes #162864
#93. And, to be true, an enemy's lair is an enemy's lair, no matter how comfortable or fancy it might appear. - Author: Steven J. Carroll
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#94. I don't run with anybody's herd. I don't like crowds. I don't like going to fancy places. I don't like the whole nightclub scene. Cocktail parties drive me mad. So I do my job and I stay away from the rest of it. - Author: Johnny Carson
Fancy's Quotes #154966
#95. I'm a guy's guy. I don't comb my hair unless I have to, and I don't use lotions or fancy shampoos. - Author: Ashton Kutcher
Fancy's Quotes #152975
#96. Everything teaches, everyone preaches, all have a gospel to sell! Better the one who is honest and open in declaring an agenda than the one who fools you into believing they are only spinning a pretty fancy for beauty's sake. - Author: Karen Lord
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#97. The common problem, yours and mine, everyone's/Is not to fancy what were fair in life/Provided it could be - but finding first/What may be and how to make it fair up to our means. - Author: Robert A. Caro
Fancy's Quotes #142854
#98. Though fancy may be the patient's complaint, necessity is often the doctor's. - Author: Johann Georg Ritter Von Zimmermann
Fancy's Quotes #139595
#99. Imaginary' universes are so much more beautiful than this stupidly constructed 'real' one; and most of the finest products of an applied mathematician's fancy must be rejected, as soon as they have been created, for the brutal but sufficient reason that they do not fit the facts. - Author: G.H. Hardy
Fancy's Quotes #137678
#100. We always imagine eternity as something beyond our conception, something vast, vast! But why must it be vast? Instead of all that, what if it's one little room, like a bath house in the country, black and grimy and spiders in every corner. and that's all eternity is? I sometimes fancy it like that. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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