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#1. Kami'd always retold her fairy tales to make the fair maidens braver and more self-sufficient, but she had never had any real objection to the handsome prince.

Sarah Rees Brennan

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#2. It's the problem with fairy tales. From far away, they seem so perfect. But up close, they're just as complicated as real life.

Soman Chainani

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#3. I am completely fascinated by the differences and comparisons between real life and fairy tales because we're raised as little girls to think that we're a princess and that Prince Charming is going to sweep us off our feet.

Taylor Swift

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#4. Pretty' doesn't mean 'good,' you know, Geneva. Real life isn't like fairy tales. 'Pretty' simply means that by accident you've got things arranged on your outside in an extra-pleasing manner. It doesn't tell a thing about your inside.

Natalie Babbitt

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#5. That's the thing about being the product of happily marries parents, You grow up thinking the fairy tale is real, and more than that, you think you're entitled to live it. So far, though, it wasn't working out as planned.

Nicholas Sparks

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#6. It could have been like a fairy tale. But fairy tales aren't real. Things don't work like that. There's a price for everything.

Maureen Johnson

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#7. The naive was only a part of my fairy tales; humor was the real salt in them.

Hans Christian Andersen

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#8. Fairy tales are even better when they're real

Kim Holden

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#9. I'm fascinated with the stories that we tell. Real histories become fantasies and fairy tales, morality tales and fables. There's something interesting and funny and perverse about the way fairytale sometimes passes for history, for truth.

Kara Walker

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#10. In fairy tales, there were always ogres or evil queens or circumstances to be overcome. But in real life, you could give everything you had, everything you were, for someone, and still fall short.

Kit Rocha

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#11. In fairy tales, love strikes like lightning. In real life, lightning burns. It can even kill you.

Neil Strauss

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#12. Everything that ever happened is just stories now, Earl. But it was all very real to people while it was happening. Wasn't it?

Terry Moore

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#13. What I like about fairy tales is that they highlight the emotions within a story. The situations aren't real, with falling stars and pirates. But what you do relate to is the emotions that the characters feel.

Charlie Cox

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#14. Fairy tales were the door to the world of imagination for me as a child, that land I often lived in when real life wasn't quite enough.

Regan Walker

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#15. They [Fairy Tales] are talking about real emotions, telling true stories, through the medium of metaphor. People used to understand metaphor better than I think we do now. But these stories are so potent, they refuse to die.

Jane Yolen

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#16. She knows that whispers can be useful. Sometimes they contain real information. But usually they're fairy tales and lies. This is the worst kind of whisper, the kind that draws you in, gives you hope.

Julianna Baggott

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#17. I like that 'once upon a time' quality, where the telling of a tale has an elevated sense of story. There's a whimsical quality to it. Sometimes in fairy tales more things seem possible, even though often they're real world based.

Erin Morgenstern

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#18. I realize that for all my penchant in believing that there's more to the world than what we can see, that folk tales and fairy tales are based on real, if forgotten events, I never accepted that part of it as being real.

Charles De Lint

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#19. I think often there is no good way out of something. No nice, easy ending or neat resolution, no clear way to set things right. That works in stories, in children's fairy tales, but not in real life. Nothing everything can be fixed. And perhaps not everything should be.

Elana K. Arnold

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#20. All learned people learn Latin. It's bound to come in useful. Fairy tales, on the other hand, are about real life.

Monica Furlong

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#21. Do people choose the art that inspires them - do they think it over, decide they might prefer the fabulous to the real? For me, it was those early readings of fairy tales that made me who I was as a reader and, later on, as a storyteller.

Alice Hoffman

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#22. Meant to be together? Are you listening to yourself? This isn't one of your fairy tales, Fallon. This is real life, and in the real world you have to bust your ass for the happy ever after!

Colleen Hoover

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#23. There is nothing so nice as supposing. It's almost like being a fairy. If you suppose anything hard enough it seems as if it were real.

Frances Hodgson Burnett

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#24. In college, I became interested in folk tales and fairy tales. Gradually I became more and more interested in the underlying meaning of it all and the possibility of the reality of real fairies.

Brian Froud

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#25. It's kind of strange ... All these so-called myths and fables. Everyone seems to have the same ones. They cross cultures and continents. Everyone has their own versions of unicorns, witches, even the Fates. Now we know why. Because they're real.

Maurissa Guibord

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#26. Leaf once told me that there was absolutely no difference between the Orphans' fairy tales and the nose on my face, because both were only as real as I thought they were.

April Genevieve Tucholke

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#27. Your American fairytales end that way. Real fairytales end in blood or tears.

Luna Lindsey

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#28. All fairy tales, Tolkien argued, echo the gospel of Jesus Christ in some way because the gospel is the True Story; it's the real fairy tale that crashed into the time line of history... 'The heart of Christianity is a myth which is also a fact,' Lewis wrote

Sarah Arthur

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#29. I believe in fairy tales. They are the basis of all our performance of storytelling and film-making - when we twist the real events of the world into something that offers us hope - and I believe in that.

Charles Sturridge

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#30. Even as a kid, I read 'Jung - Reflections and Individuation In Fairy Tales'; all the inner circle of Jung was a real huge thing for me.

Pamela Anderson

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#31. There seems to be a real taste for the fantastical these days. People like to get back into their imaginations. Maybe there's something a little nostalgic about 'Grimm' and the fairy tales that they grew up with. And it's a very unique approach to the procedural side of things.

Sasha Roiz

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#32. In fairy-tales, witches always wear silly black hats and black cloaks, and they ride on broomsticks. But this is not a fairy-tale. This is about REAL WITCHES. The most important thing you should know about REAL WITCHES is this. Listen very carefully. Never forget what is coming next.

Roald Dahl

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#33. Surely she knows
like I do
that fairy tales are just stories. That happy endings aren't real.

Jodi Picoult

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#34. In fairy tales, the princesses kiss the frogs, and the frogs become princes. In real life, the pricesses kiss princes, and the princes turn into frogs.

Paulo Coelho

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#35. Fairy tales dont tell you that dragons are real, but that they can be defeated!

Kate DiCamillo

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#36. Part of me knows this is the coolest thing that's ever happened to me, but it's also terrifying. If this is all real, and the magic didn't end at midnight like in the fairy tales, then I'm completely flying blind.

Rachel Harris

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#37. Fairy tales are not real. However, myths are the historical notes of those who were much wiser than ourselves. We therefore have no right to judge legends; lest we dare challenge demigods and angels.

C. JoyBell C.

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#38. It's only in fairy tales that princesses can afford to wait for the handsome prince to save them. In real life, they have to bust out of their own coffins and do the saving themselves.

Meg Cabot

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#39. What if all the myths and fairy tales were pointing to something that was not only true but also truer than anything we knew in this world, to a realm that was truer and more real?

Eric Metaxas

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#40. I'd been right from the start - soulmates were for fairy tales. In real life, people were just people, and they couldn't be trusted.

Hilary Duff

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#41. The universe has a much greater imagination than we do, which is why the real story of the universe is far more interesting than any of the fairy tales we have invented to describe it.

Lawrence M. Krauss

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