Top 13 Factofabulous Quotes

#1. If you're brave enough to love, and forgive, and call up the factofabulous memories ... there's no curse in the world that has any power over you.

Natalie Lloyd

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#2. She put her hands over her ears and made a monkey face. Even then, she couldn't look ugly. She had such good bones, her skeleton would have been an ornament in any closet.

Ross Macdonald

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#3. Everyone in Hollywood has a screenplay.

Bryce Dallas Howard

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#4. Joy gives us wings! In times of joy our strength is more vital, our intellect keener, and our understanding less clouded. We seem better able to cope with the world and to find our sphere of influence.

Abdu'l- Baha

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#5. Rarely if ever does one feel sure one knows enough to go ahead with much of anything new. You bank on faith and courage and the ability to learn on the job.

Cornelia Parker

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#6. It is essential to check the quality of work carried out or people let you down

Sunday Adelaja

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#7. When you take action on ideas and tactics you will begin to uncover great potential and begin to unleash it for the betterment of yourself, your organization and the world.

Kevin Eikenberry

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#8. Cinderella never had it so good. All she got was a lousy coach and breakable shoes.

Sonya Bateman

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#9. I don't like the country. The crickets make me nervous.

Budd Schulberg

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#10. I'm working on a new creator-owned series for Vertigo called 'The Discipline.'

Peter Milligan

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#11. Mass communication, radio, and especially television, have attempted, not without success, to annihilate every possibility of solitude and reflection.

Eugenio Montale

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#12. The fans, the vampire groupies, love the idea of this androgynous, preternatural figure stalking the night, and craving aesthetic pleasure just as he craves blood, wearing only the best velvet clothes, and savoring red roses.

Anne Rice

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#13. You can be such an asshole, Dresden, I swear.

Jim Butcher

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