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#1. I am a majority of one.

Henry David Thoreau

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#2. Men are forced to resort to ridiculous displays of bravado in front of women.

Kathleen Tessaro

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#3. If someone's life is not enriched by their time with you, then you're not doing something right.

Osayi Emokpae Lasisi

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#4. What's Important Now (?)

Lou Holtz

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#5. It doesn't matter how many times you win an award, it is always very special.

Zinedine Zidane

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#6. Ethiopia always has a special place in my imagination and the prospect of visiting Ethiopia attracted me more strongly than a trip to France, England, and America combined. I felt I would be visiting my own genesis, unearthing the roots of what made me an African.

Nelson Mandela

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#7. Stevie Wonder's records introduced me to '70s soul when I was 12 or 13.

Alicia Keys

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#8. I love the mentality that when push comes to shove, simply work harder and the results will come.

Greg Plitt

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#9. All of my friends who have younger siblings who are going to college or high school - my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.

Mark Zuckerberg

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#10. There is a crisis of religious authority world wide, and there are many reasons. One is colonialism.

Mark Durie

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#11. In a movie, you need good actors, whereas in a book, you don't, unless you have a really bad imagination. In a book, your imagination will do the acting for you. Also, the process of revelation is often different. Tension is achieved in a different way.

Yann Martel

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#12. Charleston had a case of the grandeurs. Up till I was eight or so, I thought the grandeurs was a shitting sickness. Missus was a short,

Sue Monk Kidd

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#13. A point contains more unknowns than anything else; it need but stir, move, and it may turn into thousands of curves, thousands of bodies. I

Yevgeny Zamyatin

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#14. I looked at some of the statues of Jesus; they were just stones with no life. When they said that God is three, I was puzzled even more but could not argue. I believed it, simply because I had to have respect for the faith of my parents.

Cat Stevens

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#15. Well, I'm not advocating it," I said. "I just mean that before we learn to feel afraid of things, our bodies know how to do them anyway. It's one of the more disappointing aspects of growing older. We fear more so we can do less.

John Boyne

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