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#1. God wills us to have everything. As we express life, we fulfill God's law of abundance, but we do this only as we realize that there is good enough to go around-only as we know that all of God's gifts are given as freely and fully as the air and the sunshine. - Author: Ernest Holmes
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#2. Dress yourself in heavy fishing waders, put on an overcoat and boxing gloves and a bucket over your head, then have somebody strap two sacks of cement across your shoulders and you will know what a space suit feels like under one gravity. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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#3. The United States of America stands for the ability for people to worship freely, the ability for people to vote and to express their opinion freely is something we hold dear. - Author: George W. Bush
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#4. The essence of what it is to be American is the deep moral urge to be free, to freely express yourself and have the right to do so, and to look at all people as equals. - Author: Steven Spielberg
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#5. My job is usually to express emotion as freely as possible. - Author: Meryl Streep
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#6. A painter, a sculptor, a writer, they can express freely. They don't affect society as a whole. We build buildings that have a purpose, that stay there for hundreds of years or decades. - Author: Moshe Safdie
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#7. The gift of self-empowerment comes from the knowledge of oneself...and the strength to freely express and project it outward. - Author: Daffyd C. Landegge
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#8. Before them is the most beautiful city she has ever seen, has ever imagined. Golden rooftops shine brightly; windows made from diamonds and rubies gleam; tall buildings reach toward the clouds. She is again overwhelmed, this time with gratitude.
All this, for her. - Author: Victoria Kahler
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#9. I think education is power. I think that being able to communicate with people is power. One of my main goals on the planet is to encourage people to empower themselves. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
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#10. Faith is a channel through which the anointing flows. - Author: T. B. Joshua
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#11. We must ask the high cadres ... When you suppressed the rights of others to express freely their political views, did you secure your own? - Author: Wei Jingsheng
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#12. All-powerful god, who am I but the fear that I inspire in others? - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
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#13. I am grateful to have spent 25 years at the 'International Herald Tribune' - a newspaper where I had unstinting support in being able to express myself freely and honestly. - Author: Suzy Menkes
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#14. That I have the right to express myself freely at all times in all circumstances entails the idea that free speech is a 'basic human right' possessed by each individual, and, as such, trumps the interests of the society or group, including my neighbour. - Author: Tom Stoppard
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#15. GG Allin is an entertainer with a message to a sick society. He makes us look at it for what we really are. The human is just another animal who is able to speak out freely, to express himself clearly. Make no mistake about it, behind what he does is a brain. - Author: John Wayne Gacy
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#16. When you freely express, you are the total style. - Author: Bruce Lee
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#17. To live is to express oneself freely - Author: Bruce Lee
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#18. This country has gotten seriously off track under the Supreme Court when it went so far as to limit the right of even private citizens to freely express their religious views in public. - Author: John Cornyn
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#19. Jazz is one of the few things you can do in society and express yourself freely and creatively. - Author: Mulgrew Miller
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#20. I'm speaking of the ability of people of faith to freely express their beliefs in the public square. - Author: John Cornyn
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#21. To live is to express, and to express you have to create. Creation is never merely repetition. To live is to express oneself freely in creation. - Author: Bruce Lee
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#22. There is a way up to the skies, up to the stars, up to the beyond, up the eternity. That way is creating a world where people can think and express their ideas freely! Seek no other way! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#23. The song of your soul is longing to be sung. Let your own essence express itself freely. - Author: Brandon Bays
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#24. It's better not to hold your feelings inside too much and express them to a dear one freely, than to pay thousands of dollars to a psychiatrist for the same outburst of emotions later. Emotions are a bonding mechanism for humans. So, use 'em, abuse 'em and utilize 'em. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
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#25. The education of the intellect is a great business; but an unconsecd intellect is the saddest sight on which the sun looks down. - Author: Edwin Chadwick
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#26. To appear on the stage drunk, to have them leave there and remember me making drunken mistakes, that was death. - Author: Sammy Davis Jr.
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#27. freedom. To be able to move three of my limbs, curl up my body, touch my swollen face! To be able to - Author: Lisa Regan
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#28. There was too little space for their own - and they guarded their own as all Chinese had done from the earliest dynasties. - Author: Robert Ludlum
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#29. I am always looking outside, trying to say something that is true. But maybe nothing is really true. Except what's out there. And what's out there is constantly changing. - Author: Robert Frank
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#30. Fundamentally, I do agree, certainly, people must be allowed to express their own opinions freely. Freedom is part of the essential rights of all nations. - Author: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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#31. Life isn't easy, and leadership is harder still. - Author: Walter Russell Mead
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#32. The industry has to have the audience in order to make these films. So it's a serious thing - how do you get people to leave their houses and go to the theater? - Author: Peter Jackson
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#33. People of faith should be able to have confidence in their right to freely express and live their beliefs. - Author: Donald Wuerl
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#34. From time to time, like many other players, I glance through my own games of earlier years, and return to positions and variations which have gone out of practice. I attempt to restore them, to find new ideas and plans. - Author: Efim Geller
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#35. I don't put off any time with my grandchildren. I don't put off a thing. - Author: Lynn Redgrave
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#36. Liberty, in my opinion, is the only orthodoxy within the limits of which art may express itself and flourish freely-liberty that is the best of all things in the life of man, if it is all one with wisdom and virtue. - Author: Arturo Toscanini
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#37. I am freely able to express myself honestly to the public without trying to polish it over, trying to hide something. I'm just trying to be free with my expression. - Author: Ziggy Marley
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#38. A modern civilization is only possible when it is accepted that singular beings exist and express themselves freely. - Author: Tahar Ben Jelloun
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#39. You could only express ownership of a thing in terms of how freely you could give it up - Author: Steven King
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