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#1. I do not approve of anything that tampers with natural ignorance. Ignorance is like a delicate exotic fruit; touch it and the bloom is gone. The whole theory of modern education is radically unsound. Fortunately in England, at any rate, education produces no effect whatsoever.

Oscar Wilde

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#2. Ignorance is like a delicate exotic fruit; touch it and the bloom is gone.

Oscar Wilde

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#3. Unlike exotic fruit or fancy cars, democracy is best if it is grown locally. It may take root in the common desire of the people who choose to adopt it, but it cannot be imposed from the outside.

Anna Porter

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#4. [ ... ] You're not afraid of monsters, are you?
It depends on the monster, if it's a real one or not and if it's where I am.

Emma Donoghue

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#5. Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is the blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you're open to it

Masaru Emoto

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#6. Belief doesn't rest on proof or rests on faith...without faith there is nothing.

Colleen McCullough

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#7. I promise you, whatever we are together, it's not a mistake. It's too good to be a mistake.

Ruthie Knox

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#8. 'Minecraft' is to a large degree about having unique experiences that nobody else has had. The levels are randomly generated, and you can build anything you want to build yourself.

Markus Persson

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#9. Momma always said when Randy got an idea in his head it was more likely to come attached to a foot in his ass than a check in the bank.

Joe Schwartz

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#10. If a man cannot be a Christian in the place where he is, he cannot be a Christian anywhere.

Henry Ward Beecher

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#11. The superhighway of celebrity and showmanship is filled with debris.

Douglas Brinkley

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#12. Every hero is someone's villain.

Joe Abercrombie

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#13. I got out of my car, locked it tight as a virgin, and entered his back seat, where a Milky Way wrapper greeted me on the floor, a burnt cigarette mark greeted me on the seat, and the overpowering scent of upholstery cleaner nearly did me in.

Robert Downs

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#14. Whether she was writing to tell her followers about a local cheesemaker, a new farm-to-table restaurant, or what to do with an exotic heirloom fruit that was organically produced and newly marketed, she spent hours each day scouring Philadelphia and the outlying towns for material.

Barbara Delinsky

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#15. I don't think people should do things because you know, 'I am turning this age, I must go have a husband.' If you find somebody and it works out then have kids, it's very nice. But if you don't, you don't.

Zaha Hadid

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#16. [Apostol Paul's] views were translated as, "Your rule is to be kind to black people; you don't beat them." It's very much the way we treated women in the 14th and 15th centuries. A woman was not human, and you should be kind to your wife like you are to all dumb animals. That was the mentality.

John Shelby Spong

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#17. The thing that has helped me the most has been surrounding myself with a strong community of people with common interests and relevant knowledge - other directors, artists, crew talent, and smart and fun people in other fields.

Liza Johnson

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#18. Above me, wind does its best
to blow leaves off
the aspen tree a month too soon.
No use wind. All you succeed
in doing is making music, the noise
of failure growing beautiful.

Bill Holm

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#19. The tragedy of my species xxx is that it does not live in its own time. Homo sapiens is locked on history's rearview mirror, never the road ahead, bent on catching some presumed lost paradise xxx
The human race is destroying itself with nostalgia ...

James K. Morrow

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