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#1. And what about the cash, my existence's jewel?

Charles Dickens

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#2. Anything that grows is, by definition, alive. Washington, D.C. was no exception. As a living organism, the Federal Government's number one job was self-preservation. Any threat to its existence had to be dealt with.

Brad Thor

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#3. The view backward showed you all the twists and turns your life had taken, all the contingencies and chances, the random elements of good luck and bad luck that made up one person's existence.

William Boyd

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#4. Once you've lived the inside-out world of espionage, you never shed it. It's a mentality, a double standard of existence.

John Le Carre

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#5. You spend months barely acknowledging someone's existence and then BOOM, you're emotionally addicted to her. Science would probably blame it on chemicals, genetics or something equally logical, but it didn't feel like anything logical

C.K. Kelly Martin

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#6. It's no wonder we are so messed up when it comes to walking with God. In nearly every aspect of our existence, good performance equals good reward. Except not with him. A good thing turns bad when we perform to earn God's acceptance rather than simply receive it like a gift.

Emily P. Freeman

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#7. Communists disavow the existence of God and religion. They hate it, because it's a competitor.

Rush Limbaugh

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#8. No one's life should be rooted in fear. We are born for wonder, for joy, for hope, for love, to marvel at the mystery of existence, to be ravished by the beauty of the world, to seek truth and meaning, to acquire wisdom, and by our treatment of others to brighten the corner where we are.

Dean Koontz

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#9. The existence of the Taliban, in my view, is a tragedy for Afghanistan. We as Americans need to understand our role in helping bring that tragedy about. So I think it's important to look at the stories about why these people are fighting.

Anand Gopal

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#10. As death, when we come to consider it closely, is the true goal of our existence, I have formed during the last few years such close relationships with this best and truest friend of mankind that death's image is not only no longer terrifying to me, but is indeed very soothing and consoling.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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#11. What would ever become of Tilly-Valley's religion in that world, with headlights flashing along cemented highways, and all existence dominated by electricity? What would become of old women reading by candlelight? What would become of his own life-illusion, his secret 'mythology,' in such a world?

John Cowper Powys

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#12. If there's a god, it knows exactly what it would take to convince me and has refused to provide it. In fact, it has gone to great lengths to hide any evidence of its existence. That doesn't seem like a deity that wants to be worshiped to me.

David G. McAfee

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#13. The overriding problems are brought on by the existence of the ego, a maladaptive behavioral complex in the psyche that gets going like a tumor. If it's not treated - if there's not pharmacological intervention - it becomes the dominant constellation of the personality..

Terence McKenna

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#14. Science must always clash hard with religion in order to expose man's inherent insufficiency to reason and expose the Super Being's existence.

John Onyango Agumba

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#15. And if a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it's as though I've neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up. I know that the accident of my being a photographer has made my life possible.

Richard Avedon

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#16. That's the secret of existence. We're all a little mad.

Agatha Christie

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#17. Right here, right now? This is precious. This is life. You're alive. Somehow, all of the genetic material of all those thousands of ancestors came together in the perfect combination to make you, exactly as you are. That's magical - it's the greatest kind of magic I know. Our very existence." My

Loretta Lost

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#18. Most, especially the young filmmakers, do not see strength in communal or collective existence. They just think they're going to conquer the world as individuals. There is no world like that. In cinema it's always, even in Hollywood, a collective surge.

Haile Gerima

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#19. We go on dating from Cold Fridays and Great Snows; but a little colder Friday, or greater snow would put a period to man's existence on the globe.

Henry David Thoreau

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#20. Do you doubt God's existence, or are you making the argument for the sake of being a skeptic?

Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson

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#21. We're all going to die. Most of us will leave no mark of our existence behind what-so-ever. Not a stain or a smudge or a smear on the face of history. I think that's sad." It made Romney horribly regretful to think that the fat man was right.

Oliver Tidy

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#22. Reality is that which exists; the unreal does not exist; the unreal is merely that negation of existence which is the content of a human consciousness when it attempts to abandon reason. Truth is the recognition of reality; reason, man's only means of knowledge, is his only standard of truth.

Ayn Rand

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#23. Bloody hell, grandsire," were Bones's first words as he approached. "You've left behind a wreckage of burned bodies, dead vampires, missing persons, threatened Guardians, and video evidence of our race's existence. Then you go on holiday. You really do have a death wish

Jeaniene Frost

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#24. Trane's playing is literally the most convincing proof of God's existence I've ever come across.

John Green

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#25. Spacewalking trumps everything. Viscerally, it is a phenomenal place to be; to be able to glance right and see the world, glance left and see the universe, and realise for a moment that you're holding on to your known existence with one hand. That's the thing.

Chris Hadfield

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#26. The real cause of personal existence is not the favor of the Almighty, but the sexual love of one's earthly parents.

Ernst Haeckel

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#27. For when a people is not willing or able to fight for its existence- Providence in its eternal justice has decreed that people's end.

Adolf Hitler

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#28. We have lived with the shadow of separation our entire lives. Before we even knew of each other's existence, fate conspired to keep us apart. We've always known it could come to this.

Siobhan Davis

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#29. So the story of Wild Fox Kang's attempted coup and murder of Cixi lay in darkness and obscurity for nearly a century, until the 1980s, when Chinese scholars discovered in Japanese archives the testimony of the designated killer, Bi, which established beyond doubt the existence of the plot.

Jung Chang

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#30. During long periods of history, the mode of human sense perception changes with humanity's entire mode of existence. The manner in which human sense perception is organized, the medium in which it is accomplished, is determined not only by nature but by historical circumstances as well

Walter Benjamin

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#31. I've led a very isolated existence since I was 6 years old. It's kind of been me and my mind.

Macaulay Culkin

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#32. That's what happens when you crowd enough folks into the same sandbox: eventually they're gonna start throwing a fit over who gets what part to play with.

Jacob D. Lochner

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#33. I'd always leaned toward the shy side but was never unsocial until I started seeing visions of people from the past. It's a really strange existence, not knowing if the person you're talking to is physically there or not. Not knowing if you're one hallucination away from a psychotic break.

Myra McEntire

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#34. I mean, if you degrade someone, you isolate them, you control them, you call them names, you demean them. That's a horrible existence for people.

Phil McGraw

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#35. There were a couple of times when I hung out with a boy I liked and he paid for me and we were both single so I think those were dates, but then like a week later he had a girlfriend that wasn't me and I was cursing his very existence, so it's hard to say for sure.

Katie Heaney

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#36. Emotions are lovely. Even if they fall to the negative for a time. The sun will rise again another day. The sadness perhaps never forgotten, but a new day enjoyed in another way. A way that could not have been but for the sadness's existence.

Anne Mallory

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#37. Spend time reflecting on your emotional and physical existence and how that applies to the voice. You have to apply that wisdom and experience when you sing - it's what comes through.

K.d. Lang

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#38. In other words, despite the dogged liberal assumption - again, coming from Smith's legacy - that the existence of states and markets are somehow opposed, the historical record implies that exactly the opposite is the case. Stateless societies tend also to be without markets.

David Graeber

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#39. The view of earth is absolutely spectacular, and the feeling of looking back and seeing your planet as a planet is just an amazing feeling. It's a totally different perspective, and it makes you appreciate, actually, how fragile our existence is.

Sally Ride

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#40. How quickly the apparently solidly laid foundation of one's existence could crumble.

Patrick Suskind

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#41. I never really have believed in the existence of friendship in big societies - in great towns and great crowds. It's a plant that takes time and space and air; and London society is a huge "squash", as we elegantly call it - an elbowing, pushing, perspiring, chattering mob.

Henry James

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#42. The greatest drawback to true love was that once true love unexpectedly ends there is no other romance that can replace it. Romance instead becomes a race, with one's new beau consistently failing to meet up to the grand expectations set by the meaning of one's existence. The only one.

Denis Fitzpatrick

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#43. The artist can't give you an answer that's satisfying to the dreadful reality of your existence. So the best you can do is maybe entertain people and refresh them for an hour-and-a-half.

Woody Allen

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#44. -I haven't been writing for years. I lost faith. it's not for me. Too many levels.
-What levels?
-All those levels of existence. us down here, and up there, high above us. the ceiling of the universe. I've chosen nothingness.

Tadeusz Konwicki

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#45. The physician's duty is not to stave off death or return patients to their old lives, but to take into our arms a patient and family whose lives have disintegrated and work until they can stand back up and face, and make sense of, their own existence.

Paul Kalanithi

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#46. It is man's destiny to ponder on the riddle of existence and, as a byproduct of his wonderment, to create a new life on this earth.

Charles Kettering

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#47. Christ's miracles were vivid manifestations to the senses that He is the Saviour of the body
and now as then the issues of life and death are in His hands
that our daily existence is a perpetual miracle. The extraordinary was simply a manifestation of God's power in the ordinary.

Frederick William Robertson

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#48. There's no sense drawing attention to yourself, Li." "Hellooooo. I'm aHorseman of the Apocalypse, and I'm betrothed to the most infamous, most powerful demon in existence. I couldn't draw more attention to myself i I wore Lady Gaga's meat dress to a PETA convention.

Larissa Ione

Existence's Quotes #99670
#49. That's part of the requirement for me to be an artist is that you're trying to share your personal existence with others and trying to illuminate modern life, trying to understand life.

Francis Ford Coppola

Existence's Quotes #101144
#50. The thing about Mumbai is you go five yards and all of human existence is revealed. It's an incredible cavalcade of life, and I love that.

Julian Sands

Existence's Quotes #101679

Ruth Stafford Peale

Existence's Quotes #105033
#52. Each day of your existence ready's itself for your impact

Todd Stocker

Existence's Quotes #105408
#53. How ironic that the Negro, who more than any other people can claim America's culture as his own, is being persecuted and repressed; that the Negro, who has exemplified the humanities in his very existence, is being rewarded with inhumanity.

Sonny Rollins

Existence's Quotes #106180
#54. Atheist's denial of God's existence needs just as much substantiation as does the theist's claim; the atheist must give plausible reasons for rejecting God's existence.

Paul Copan

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#55. Existence is so reactive. All ducking and diving. There is no time for strategy. Still, i shouldn't grumble, I s'pose. I could be dead and that would be really boring.

Jamie Delano

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#56. The existence of life beyond Earth is an ancient human concern. Over the years, however, attempts to understand humanity's place in the cosmos through science often got hijacked by wishful thinking or fabricated tales.

Jill Tarter

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#57. I believe teenagers are God's revenge on mankind. It's like He said, 'Hey let's see how they like it to create something in their own image that denies their existence.'

Jeff Allen

Existence's Quotes #110139
#58. I don't subscribe to any particular doctrine or ideology. I just think that there's kind of a good and bad, the good being life in its purest, happiest form, and the other being the darker side of existence.

Michael J. Fox

Existence's Quotes #110877
#59. I don't regret anything I was before because I still am.
I only regret not having loved you.
Put your hands in mine
And let's be quiet, surrounded by life.

Alberto Caeiro

Existence's Quotes #111326
#60. To be engaged to marry some one with whom you are not in love is an inevitable step in a world where the existence of passion is only a traveler's story brought from the heart of deep forests and told so rarely that wise people doubt whether the story can be true.

Virginia Woolf

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#61. To be a child means to owe one's existence to another, and even in our adult life we never quite reach the point where we no longer have to give thanks for being the person we are.

Hans Urs Von Balthasar

Existence's Quotes #112463
#62. I spent my childhood in an imaginary world - probably because I needed an escape. I think that's one of the reasons people have imaginations - because they can't maintain existence here.

Rickie Lee Jones

Existence's Quotes #113016
#63. It's enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Existence's Quotes #122599
#64. I believe that both art and the human striving for cognitive comprehension are manifest forms of the grand game in which nothing more is stipulated than the game's rules; both art and actively solicited perceptions are but special cases of the recurring creative act to which we owe our existence.

Konrad Lorenz

Existence's Quotes #122978
#65. [The poet] is endowed to speak for those who do not have the gift of language, or to see for those who - for whatever reasons - are less conscious of what they are living through. It is as though the risks of the poet's existence can be put to some use beyond her own survival.

Adrienne Rich

Existence's Quotes #128047
#66. I was frightened even by God. I could not believe in His love, only in His punishment. Faith. That, I felt, was the act of facing the tribunal of justice with one's head bowed to receive the scourge of God. I could believe in hell, but it was impossible for me to believe in the existence of heaven.

Osamu Dazai

Existence's Quotes #130447
#67. Is it true, as is claimed
that after death man continues
a phantom existence
I'll let you know

Gherasim Luca

Existence's Quotes #131203
#68. You can exist without your soul, you know, as long as your brain and heart are still working. But you'll have no sense of self anymore, no memory, no ... anything. There's no chance at all of recovery. You'll just - exist. As an empty shell. And your soul is gone forever ... lost.

J.K. Rowling

Existence's Quotes #134036
#69. A painting has its own existence and reality, and I make changes freely to meet the painting's needs. This sometimes takes me in another direction.

Mary Beth McKenzie

Existence's Quotes #135139
#70. Everyone who makes a mistake knows in advance that he's going to make a mistake, he simply can't stop himself. The surprise is perhaps a reaction to the size of the mistake, not the fact of its existence.

Zeruya Shalev

Existence's Quotes #137098
#71. But if a role model in her seventies isn't layered with contradictions - as we all come to be - then what good is she? Why bother to cut the silhouette of another's existence and place it against our own if it isn't as incongruous, ambiguous, inconsistent, and paradoxical as our own lives are?

Molly Peacock

Existence's Quotes #137183
#72. A person's industrious and creative mindset can overcome great obstacles that besiege their existence. Humankind's greatest unraveling is our propensity to panic when confronting the pealing silence of nothingness.

Kilroy J. Oldster

Existence's Quotes #139251
#73. The course led them to the moment when, in answer to the highest of one's values, one's spirit makes one's body become the tribute, recasting it
as proof, as sanction, as reward
into a single sensation of such intensity of joy that no other sanction of one's existence is necessary.

Ayn Rand

Existence's Quotes #141227
#74. For me, fantasy must be about something, otherwise it's foolishness... ultimately it must be about human beings, it must be about the human condition, it must be another look at infinity, it must be another way of seeing the paradox of existence.

George Clayton Johnson

Existence's Quotes #141504
#75. In a phone interview in 1994, Celia Powell stressed two sentiments: music was her father's life; it was the driving force of his existence, in her opinion. And she thought the music industry had very much taken advantage of him.121

Guthrie P. Ramsey Jr.

Existence's Quotes #145419
#76. But a problem occurs about nothing. For that from which something is made is a cause of the thing made from it; and, necessarily,every cause contributes some assistance to the effect's existence.

Anselm Of Canterbury

Existence's Quotes #145910
#77. I found the purpose of my existence, and also the purpose of my circumstance. There's a purpose for why you're in the fire. If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!

Nick Vujicic

Existence's Quotes #147026
#78. God's existence needs to be established independently before he can be brought into account for causation; it cannot be assumed at the start.

S.T. Joshi

Existence's Quotes #147464
#79. People need things. I don't live a monk's existence, I'm a consumer, but I try to do it to the level that doesn't feel like there's an overabundance of something.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Existence's Quotes #150016
#80. Science has proved there's nothing to the talk of ghosts and spirits, no proof anything like the soul exists. And to my mind that's an argument against the existence of an omniscient force. I think people believe whatever makes living easiest, and who am I to deny someone comfort?

Ann Aguirre

Existence's Quotes #152161
#81. The existence of good bad literature - the fact that one can be amused or excited or even moved by a book that one's intellect simply refuses to take seriously - is a reminder that art is not the same thing as cerebration.

George Orwell

Existence's Quotes #152811
#82. Appius Livius Ocella made mistakes in his whole long existence. Perhaps changing Eric was his finest hour. He created the perfect vampire. Eric's only flaw is you.

Charlaine Harris

Existence's Quotes #155665
#83. Why do we need to justify God's existence? He exists. We need to justify our own existence.

Hamza Yusuf

Existence's Quotes #155949
#84. You don't have to convince Muslims of God's existence or importance.

Peter Kreeft

Existence's Quotes #157649
#85. It's not that blue-collar philosophy is misunderstood, it's that blue-collar philosophy shouldn't exist in the first place. The ultimate question is not the justification of ones existence when your belly screams for sustenance? People are hungry god damn it!

Mick Lexington

Existence's Quotes #157700
#86. He had the philosopher's disease of seeing so far ahead that all the little pleasant shapes and colors of existence passed under his nose unseen.

Will Durant

Existence's Quotes #159314
#87. Until the evil man finds evil unmistakably present in his existence, in the form of pain, he is enclosed in illusion.

C.S. Lewis

Existence's Quotes #159586
#88. Thinking gives off smoke to prove the existence of fire. A mystic sits inside the burning. There are wonderful shapes in rising smoke that imagination loves to watch. But it's a mistake to leave the fire for that filmy sight. Stay here at the flame's core.


Existence's Quotes #161631
#89. In the beauty of the world, we are to see God's existence. In the brokenness of the world, we are to see God's justice. As we do, we run back to the place where we see God's mercy: the cross.

Timothy Keller

Existence's Quotes #161921
#90. Was music once a proof of God's existence? As long as it admits things beyond measure, That supposition stands.

Seamus Heaney

Existence's Quotes #164880
#91. To be truly alive is to feel one's ultimate existence within one's daily existence.

Christian Wiman

Existence's Quotes #167959
#92. If things had been different, she would be in Carolyn's place right now. She didn't want that sort of existence, but there was something so attractive about the security of feeling like you had stopped moving toward your life, and actually arrived.

J. Courtney Sullivan

Existence's Quotes #170957
#93. This planet Earth, the act of putting a roof over our heads, our flesh and blood existence, it's all very temporary.

Melissa Auf Der Maur

Existence's Quotes #171005
#94. That was bliss. Being cared for. Wanted. Feeling so necessary to someone's existence that there was no place for the loneliness inside her.

Julie Miller

Existence's Quotes #173457
#95. To the extent that Israel does face threats, like from say Hamas or Hezbollah, those are threats that do not jeopardise Israel's existence.

Stephen M. Walt

Existence's Quotes #180968
#96. It's strange, because it seems that society is kind of promoting or nurturing this kind of ostracized existence. People are kind of very much in their own little worlds.

Toni Collette

Existence's Quotes #182732
#97. In a century or two, or in a millennium, people will live in a new way, a happier way. We won"t be there to see it - but it"s why we live, why we work. It"s why we suffer. We"re creating it. That"s the purpose of our existence. The only happiness we can know is to work toward that goal.

Anton Chekhov

Existence's Quotes #183162
#98. Man was born into barbarism when killing his fellow man was a normal condition of existence. He became endowed with a conscience.
And he has now reached the day when violence toward another human being must become as abhorrent as eating another's flesh.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Existence's Quotes #189820
#99. I don't think fear necessarily is a core human emotion, but I do think fear of death is something that is at the core of every person's existence.

Zachary Cole Smith

Existence's Quotes #193838
#100. You are you [Nanette O'Hare] - and that's okay, because this existence you're making your way through is your story and no one else's.

Matthew Quick

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