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#1. A friend is what the heart needs all the time. - Author: Mary Engelbreit
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#2. The difference between punishment and discipline is a powerful child. - Author: Danny Silk
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#3. Fucking hell. Shit sounds like I'm writing for ladies who lunch on Fifth Avenue. Unending vortex of ugly? Holy sensationalism, Batman! Who the fuck am I writing for? I could move in closer, get to the real Singer, but I'll just fail like every other journalist - Author: Marlon James
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#4. And I would like current or future politicians to make sure every avenue of diplomacy, and what you have, are exhausted before sending young men and women off to death and serious injury. - Author: Tomas Young
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#5. Change is inevitable, so accept it.
Forgiveness is a gift, so give it.
Love is abundant, so spread it.
Failure is not fatal, do don't fear it.
Life is for living, so live it. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#6. Social dissipation, as witnessed in the ball-room, is the abettor of pride, the instigator of jealousy, it is the sacrificial altar of health, it is the defiler of the soul, it is the avenue of lust and it is the curse of every town in America. - Author: Thomas De Witt Talmage
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#7. It's always fun to try something new. People think every avenue has been explored on TV, but this has never been done. That, in itself, really excites me. - Author: William Moseley
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#8. Science today is locked into paradigms. Every avenue is blocked by beliefs that are wrong, and if you try to get anything published by a journal today, you will run against a paradigm and the editors will turn it down - Author: Fred Hoyle
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#9. I, a miserable wretch, haunted by a curse that shut up every avenue to enjoyment. - Author: Mary Shelley
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#10. If one gets his life together, there will be enough love and bounty to take care of every avenue of life. - Author: Harold Klemp
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#11. Yet if she returned home without trying every avenue, could she face her brothers? They depended on her. For once in her life, someone needed Shallan. That responsibility excited her. And terrified her. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#12. You're mind is working at its best when you're being paranoid.
You explore every avenue and possibility of your situation
at high speed with total clarity. - Author: Banksy
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#13. Advocating women's rights and greater opportunity for women in the workplace and in every avenue of public life is inconsistent with an insistence on mother taking care of children and housework. - Author: Mary Frances Berry
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#14. I want my life to radiate what happens when God has a person's heart at His full control, when every event or circumstance is simply another avenue to know Him better and show forth His glory. - Author: Priscilla Shirer
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#15. It is a tragic hour, that hour when we are finally driven to reckon with ourselves, when every avenue of mental distraction has been cut off and our own life and all its ineffaceable failures closes about us like the walls of that old torture chamber of the Inquisition. - Author: Willa Cather
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#16. The gravity of the time is such that every new avenue of peace, no matter how dimly discernible, should be explored. - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
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#17. Perhaps the essence of tradition, it's ultimate justification, is to comfort, to bring a small measure of dreams, a brief instance of illusion, to a moment when every real avenue of escape is cut off, when there is no longer any recourse. - Author: Saul Friedlander
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#18. We can only get to God through God. Every other possible avenue is a dead-end before it even starts. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#19. Nothing is more limiting than a closed circle of acquaintanceship where every avenue of conversation has been explored and social exchanges are fixed in a known routine. - Author: A.J. Cronin
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#20. Yes, well." The Devil says, "Things just get better and better nowadays. - Author: Kelly Link
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#21. Madison Avenue is full of masochists who unconsciously provoke rejection by their clients. I know brilliant men who have lost every account they have ever handled. - Author: David Ogilvy
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#22. Probably every subject is interesting if an avenue into it can be found that has humanity and that an ordinary person can follow. - Author: William Zinsser
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#23. In a relationship that is successful, communication has to be totally open and honest, without judgement or anger. and before you end a relationship that is very important to you, you have to be able to say to yourself that you seeked every avenue to make it work. - Author: Anonymous
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#24. There is only one way into the Kingdom of Heaven, but there are many ways into the human heart: and the Church of Christ, ln its mission of promulgating truth and turning souls of righteousness, has legitimate use for every avenue of the heart. - Author: Orson F. Whitney
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#25. I made a commitment and a promise to Ms. McSpadden, Michael Brown's mother, that I will pursue justice with the family at every avenue, be it on the federal level or at the state level. - Author: William Lacy Clay Jr.
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#26. I grew up on Avenue C, and Tompkins Square Park was my park. That was where I played ball every day. I lived in that park. - Author: Ramon Rodriguez
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#27. Most people are multi-talented and good at a lot of things, so I just think it's smart, especially in this day and age where the competition is so fierce, in every avenue, to have a bunch of things you're doing. - Author: Allie Gonino
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#28. The debt ceiling debacle is almost a horrible metaphor: It's as if a bomb went off at 800 Pennsylvania Avenue and sent shrapnel flying in every direction. I don't know what these guys think they're doing, but it looks like they're committing political suicide. - Author: Charlie Cook
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#29. We will remain steady. We will pursue every avenue in the search for peace and stability. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#30. Eight years involved with the nuclear industry have taught me that when nothing can possible go wrong and every avenue has been covered, then is the time to buy a house on the next continent. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#31. Casting my own eye down Fifth Avenue as my belly swelled, I would register with incredulity: Every one of these people came from a woman's cunt. - Author: Lionel Shriver
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#32. ...Sigerius realized that every academic looked like every other academic."
- Bonita Avenue, p.49 - Author: Peter Buwalda
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#33. Take some pleasure from telling him no. My guess was that she worked for the landlord, not - Author: Andrew Vachss
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#34. I'm 82 years old, wherever I go everybody knows me, but here's why ... I'm a merchandiser, I'm not just a writer, I stay in every avenue you can think of. - Author: Mickey Spillane
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