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#1. But then in novels the most indifferent hero comes out right at last. Some god comes out of a theatrical cloud and leaves the poor devil ten thousand-a-year and a title. - Author: Anthony Trollope
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#2. I don't define anything I eat as a vice. - Author: Marion Nestle
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#3. Over the years I must have spent thousands of hours silently brushing on the liquid coatings, preparing each sheet in anticipation of reaching the perfect print. - Author: Irving Penn
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#4. We still have people in the active duty, and if people are feeling ill, if they're experiencing various symptoms and they're still in the active duty, they're less likely to come forward because that could result in their medical discharge. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#5. The Commandments of God are higher than all the treasures of the earth. Whoever has acquired them has received God within himself. - Author: Isaac Of Nineveh
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#6. Destiny is not necessarily what we get out of life, but rather, what we give. - Author: Cary Grant
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#7. Yardy doing a good job out there - 1-14 off his five overs so far - but Bangla are letting this drift. The bowling is there to attack, but they're as passive as sleeping sloths at the mo. - Author: Tom Fordyce
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#8. The camel has evolved to be relatively self-sufficient. On the other hand, the camel has not evolved to smell good. Neither has Perl. - Author: Larry Wall
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#9. If you can build a business up big enough, it's respectable. - Author: Will Rogers
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#10. I don't watch scary movies. Sometimes, even having to read the script and do an episode of 'Grimm,' I get a little tense because I know someone's going to jump out of somewhere. - Author: Bitsie Tulloch
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#11. Sometimes people offer you plays, they offer you parts, but they only offer it because I'm famous. - Author: Chris Rock
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#12. The introduction of the cipher 0 or the group concept was general nonsense too, and mathematics was more or less stagnating for thousands of years because nobody was around to take such childish steps ... - Author: Alexander Grothendieck
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#13. Just remember to keep an open mind. He really is quite sweet and won't bite. Well only occasionally. And only if you want him to. - Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
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#14. I was just a simple, young girl whose love for a boy would last until the end of time. - Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills
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#15. If you look back at my story, it doesn't matter where you look, but God's fingerprints are all over the place. - Author: Jeremy Lin
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